Faculty Leadership in the Changing Landscape of Global Education: Modalities and Curricular Design

An In-Person and Virtual AIEA Thematic Forum

AIEA Panel

Goucher College
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
April 14-15, 2022
In-person and Virtual

AIEA BannerInstitutional leaders have long called for an increased focus on efforts to internationalize the broader university curriculum by enriching the academic programs with global components, integrating concurrent curricular design and other modes of experiential learning, and leveraging cross-cultural collaboration and interdisciplinary team-teaching. These efforts, though, have largely operated in the shadow of traditional student and faculty mobility. While the COVID-19 pandemic has caused large-scale damage to the field of global education, it has also offered senior international officers (SIOs) and their institutions the opportunity to explore new and innovative curricular modalities with faculty and staff that serve as an enhancement to the traditional mobility-focused efforts and that contribute to an institution’s larger internationalization efforts.

Goucher President, Kent Devereaux, welcomes participants from around the country and globe to explore and discuss:

  • The intentionality behind designing a globalized curriculum that focuses on social justice, innovation, and global education that fits the needs of a diverse student population.
  • Best practices in engaging, energizing, and mobilizing faculty for participation in global learning
  • Innovative collaboration between faculty and staff from international partner institutions to internationalize an institution’s larger curriculum. 

Intended audience includes: SIOs, international educators, practitioners, faculty, researchers, and administrators.

Registration fee is $50 for both in-person and virtual participation.  Space is limited. 



Dr. Luchen Li
Associate Vice President for Global Education and Professor of Literary Studies


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