The Imani Legacy

They were willing to be the first, to explore paths previously closed to them.

Jewell Robinson, Goucher’s first African American student, came to Goucher because she fell in love with the campus. Bright and sociable, she easily made many friends and went on to a successful career in the arts and arts administration.

Marguerite Barland, Class of 1960 and Goucher’s first African American graduate, was someone people believed in. Her teachers rallied together to raise funds for her college education. Marguerite paid it forward, majoring in chemistry and devoting her life to inspiring other students in the Baltimore community as a teacher.

Through their tenacity and determination, Jewell and Marguerite opened the doors for so many students to come after them.

Inspired by the courage of these two women, a group of devoted alumnae came together at the annual Jewell Robinson dinner to create the Imani Fund.