Meal Plan Information

Students residing on campus are required to be on a meal plan offered by the college. If you want to change your meal plan, submit your request to

Bon Appétit Block Meal Plans

Block meal plans offer a flexible combination of meals and dining dollars for you to use at your convenience during the semester.

Blocks can be used in the Mary Fisher Dining Center for an all-you-care-to-eat meal. Dining dollars are a cash equivalent that can be used at all campus dining facilities. (Certain restrictions apply to commercially prepared packages and retail products.) The plan also allows you to purchase a value meal at Alice's Restaurant. (Certain items are excluded from value meals.)

Students who do not subscribe to a kosher meal plan are allowed one meal per week at Nosh, the kosher dining area of the Mary Fisher Dining Center. Students must sign up for the kosher meal one day in advance.

Kosher Block Meal Plans

Meals are made available in the Mary Fisher Dining Center in the kosher area called Nosh. (Students with this plan also may eat meals at Alice's Restaurant.)

Additional Passover Meal Plan

Students not on a kosher meal plan can select an additional Passover meal plan, which will allow them to eat all Passover meals at Nosh, the kosher section of the Mary Fisher Dining Center.

Off-Campus Block Meal Plans

A flexible combination of meals and dining dollars for commuting students and students who live off campus. Blocks can be used for an all-you-care-to-eat meal in the Mary Fisher Dining Center or to purchase a value meal at Alice's Restaurant.

A Note About Block Meal Plans

If a student eats the maximum number of meals a day, meal plans will not cover the entire semester.

Students should be prepared to use cash, Gopher Bucks, or any remaining dining dollars to purchase meals once they've used all block meals. Blocks and dining dollars do not carry over to the next semester. Automatic block deductions also occur for certain college-wide events.

View meal plan pricing for more information.