COVID-19 Pandemic FAQs

Updated March 30, 2020


When will the credit for unused room and board be applied to my account?
We will apply the room and board credits at the end of the Spring semester.

What if I have a credit balance on my account after all these credits?
If you are a graduating senior, you will receive a refund at the end of the semester. If you are not graduating, we will apply your credit balance to your next academic term.

Is any tuition or mandatory fees being refunded?
No, classes are continuing remotely, and students will receive academic credit for their completed coursework.

How will I know how much my credit is?
After credits are posted students will be sent an email notifying them to look at myGoucher for their most recent statement, which will show the credit.

I’m an RA. How will this impact me?
This is complex as some RA’s use their stipend to pay the cost of their room charge. A separate communication will be provided to RA’s because each student’s financial situation is different.

What about my unused Federal Work-Study?
FWS student workers will continue to be paid. If you received FWS wages on 2/21, 3/6, or 3/20 and you have not used your full FWS award, you will receive an FWS payout. Your earnings will be equivalent to an estimate of what you would have earned based on your recent schedule, not to exceed your remaining FWS award. Earnings will be available in one lump sum payment instead of spread out over the rest of the semester. Payments will be made no later than April 3, 2020. If you are already receiving direct deposit no further action is needed. If you normally pick-up your paycheck, your paycheck will be mailed to your home address.

What about my Print Wisely account?
Each student receives a certain amount of Print Wisely funds free each semester. Your Print Wisely balance will carry forward to the Fall semester. If you added to your Print Wisely account and your balance is $25 or more, you may request that we credit the balance back to your student account by emailing Otherwise, we will roll your balance over to next year.

What about my Dining Dollars?
At the beginning of the semester, each student that purchased a board plan received $250 in Dining Dollars as part of their board package. The cost of the board package is being credited back, generally at 50%. This credit is inclusive of any Dining Dollar balances that may or may not have been used. If you purchased additional Dining Dollars or earned Dining Dollars through employment that have not yet been used, these will be credited back to your student account.

What about my Esuds account – my account shows a $90 balance?
Everybody’s Esuds account shows a $90 balance. We made the decision to provide laundry services for free this year to all residential students. There will not be any Esuds refunds.

What will happen to my Gopher Bucks?
Any unspent Gopher Bucks carry over to the next semester or academic year. Gopher Buck balances exceeding $10 will be refunded upon withdrawal or graduation.

If I am on Goucher’s health insurance plan, will the insurance remain in effect?
Yes, coverage will remain in effect until August 19, 2020.

Will there be refunds for student parking permits?

What if my Study abroad trip was canceled, or I had to return home early?
We are reaching out to students in these situations individually.


What date are we expected to move out by?
We are asking all students still on campus to vacate as soon as possible, but no later than noon on Saturday, March 21. Only students on the approved list can access campus at this time and will be removed from the list as they depart campus. More info.

I’m homeless outside of Goucher, and my work is in this area; without my work, I will have trouble scraping by, and the best-case scenario for me finding a place to stay is in another state. Would this scenario potentially be enough to grant me an extension so I can find housing?
We recognize that for some students, leaving campus simply is not an option, and we are willing and ready to support these students. Any student with an extenuating circumstance should contact the director of residential life, Lindy Bobbitt (, to work out details.

What about students that are from countries or states that are more affected by the virus than here? Wouldn’t it be safer for us students to stay here than go back to where we are from?
For some students, staying at Goucher is the best option based on their permanent address. We are working with students individually to determine the best option based on CDC advisories. Because of how restrictive campus will be, we are encouraging students who can get home to do so.

When will we be permitted to pick up our possessions that we had to leave at Goucher?
We will be making arrangements for students and/or families to retrieve personal items from the residence halls. We will start allowing small groups of students to return to campus beginning on Thursday, March 19 to collect their belongings. Students will be limited to a two-hour time block and will sign up for times through the Housing Director. Students will also have the option to have their room packed up and placed in storage. Expect a communication from the Office of Residential Life with more details by close of business Wednesday, March 18. More info.

Will I get a pro-rated refund for housing and meal plans for the remainder of the semester?
We will be making arrangements to compensate students. Expect further communication with more details by close of business this Friday, March 20.

How can I get any packages left behind or coming into the campus Post Office?
Please send an email to with the following information:

Student Name
Forwarding Address
Gopher Bucks/OneCard number for payment of postage

The Post Office will send an email with the price of postage used and estimated time of arrival for the package.

How can I get letters forwarded to me?
Please send an email to with the following:

Student Name
Forwarding Address

How will information sessions for room draw be happening?
The room draw process happens completely online; that said, we plan to continue with the process. There are “how-to” videos already loaded on the Housing Director website that walk students through the entire process, and we will work to figure out other methods for students to understand the process.


What will happen with Commencement and other graduation events?
At this time, we believe it is very likely that we will need to modify, delay, or reimagine our commencement activities. We will make and communicate a final decision by March 30, adhering to recommendations from the CDC and other public health agencies. We realize how emotionally important a typical commencement ceremony is for our graduating seniors and their families, so we are exploring alternatives that will allow us to celebrate our seniors. We will send further updates once those plans are solidified.

How will online classes work for people in different time zones?
Some online courses are taught synchronously, meaning that there are components (a Zoom session or chat, for example) that happen in real-time; some are taught asynchronously, meaning that while you’ll be given clear deadlines for completing an activity, how and when you complete it is entirely up to you: in your pajamas at 3:00 am, while eating ice cream if you so choose. Some classes will combine synchronous and asynchronous activities — both types of online learning are great and have advantages; trust that your professors will choose the method that best suits the content and goals of your course. There is the capability to record lectures as well. Faculty members will inform students how they plan to teach their classes, including working with different time zones.

Where can I find technology resources for online learning?
Please see IT's Frequently Asked Questions About Technology Resources for Online Classes.

Can I take all my classes Pass/No Pass?
Yes, but this might not be on your best interest. Remember that P/NP classes do not factor into your GPA which can be a good thing if you earn a failing grade but might not be a good thing if you earn a passing grade. Also, you get a Pass when you earn a C- or above, but GCRs are fulfilled with a D. Talk to your advisor before you make any changes. To change a class to P/PN, fill out the form that you can find at the Registrar´s website and send it to the Registrar with a copy to your advisor who will approve it electronically.

Who do I ask a question regarding adding, dropping, withdrawing or changing a class to P/NP?
The Registrar ( or the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies ( For study abroad courses please contact

Can I change a class that counts towards my major to P/NP?
The prohibition on taking a course that is required for major or minor credit as Pass/No Pass is suspended for this semester, and you can elect to take any such courses as P/NP. However, P/NP is not factored into your GPA, so you might not want to make this change (talk to your advisor). Also, Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Program (PBPM) and Pre-Health students: As a non-degree, 11-month program, Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Program (PBPM) students are not eligible for the P/NP election and all courses must be taken for a letter grade. Undergraduate students who hope to apply to a health profession graduate program (medical, dental, vet, physical therapy, nursing, or any other program that has science prerequisites) should not elect P/NP for their prerequisite science courses.

Can I change one of my language classes to P/NP and still complete the Foreign Language and Culture GCR?
Yes, this has always been an option. Language classes can be taken as P/NP, but you need to Pass the class to move to the next level (that is, you need to earn a C- or above). However, you may fulfill the FLC GCR with a D. That is, if you do not intend to continue your language studies, you can finish the requirement by earning a D in the last course of the sequence/platform.  Please talk to a language faculty before making any changes.

When is registration going to start?
Registration occurs the week of April 20-24. View your registration start time on myGoucher by selecting the myGoucher Links tab, and then My Online Registration Start Date/Time.

What do I do if I need the signature of my advisor?
You write to your advisor and ask for their electronic approval.

What do I do if I do not have reliable wifi at home or I am experiencing other access problems?
Contact the Specify what type of challenges you are having.

When is the deadline to change a class to P/NP or to withdraw from a class?
May 7th. This includes study abroad courses as well.

Who do I ask a question regarding the community-based component of my class?
Contact Lindsay Johnson at

Who do I ask a question regarding my study abroad requirement?

Who do I ask a question regarding commencement?
Please contact Allyson Glass at

I’m a graduating senior and I am anxious about what lays ahead and how to start looking for a job. Who should I talk to?  Schedule an appointment to talk with a staff member in the Career Education Office by clicking on Make An Appointment portion of the CEO website.  You can find resources to help with your job search on the Career Management section of the CEO website. Contact if you have other questions. 

I’m a rising sophomore and I am not sure what major I should declare. Who should I talk to?
You can talk to your pre-major advisor or the associate provost by contacting
You may also go to the Academic Advising webpage and download the Major Exploration Guide. You should also go to the Exploring Majors and careers section of the CEO website.  You can speak with a staff member in the Career Education Office by clicking on the Make An Appointment section of the website.

Is the Majors and Minors Fair taking place?
Yes, it will take place remotely on April 8th from 1:15-2:15. Stay tuned for an email with information on how regarding the Zoom link.

What do I do if I am having trouble keeping up with my work remotely?
Talk to your faculty and make an appointment with ACE to talk to an academic coach.

What do I do if I keep missing my class time and being absent?
Talk to your faculty and make an appointment with ACE to talk to an academic coach.

I logged in into my class by the professor still marked me as absent. What should I do?
First and foremost, you need to talk to your professor and understand what attendance means in an online environment. “Attending” class online doesn’t mean just signing into Canvas — that is the virtual equivalent of just “showing up.” What it really means is participating — in discussion board posts or in collaborative activities and synchronous sessions when possible, and in engaging in the materials. Be present and engaged!

How do I fill out my declaration of major form and how do I submit it?
You can find the form in the Registrar and in the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies websites. The form is fillable with adobe. You can also add your signature with adobe. If you have any difficulties, contact:

What is taking place for Goucher College students enrolled through the Goucher Prison Education Partnership?
At the present moment, Goucher is not able to hold the in-person, in-facility class meetings for Goucher students enrolled through GPEP which are central to GPEP’s work. This decision was not taken lightly as we know the opportunity college provides inside of prisons. However, we are also invested in protecting our students and the prisons’ staff. Slowing the spread of the virus to people in the prisons protects everyone, particularly the sick and elderly. GPEP staff are exploring all options to ensure students complete as much of the semester as possible. Proximity and the interaction of professors and between students is important to Goucher’s pedagogy, and we look forward to returning to in-person instruction as soon as is feasible. For information on the Goucher Prison Education Partnership specifically, please contact

How will my attendance be counted?
“Attending” class online doesn’t mean just signing into Canvas — that is the virtual equivalent of just “showing up.” What it really means is participating — in discussion board posts or in collaborative activities and synchronous sessions when possible, and in engaging in the materials. Your professors will tell you what they expect from you. Be present and engaged!

Will my professors still hold office hours?
Yes, office hours might change but faculty will still be available, not only via email but also at specific scheduled times when you can call or video conference. They will let you know when and how it’s best to reach them.

What about private music lessons?
Our private lessons teachers can teach lessons online; some of them have online studios already, and they are sharing information about that practice. Since the scheduling of private lessons is individual, we expect lessons to continue more or less uninterrupted.

What about music ensembles?
Ensemble directors are working on how to work remotely and may have different solutions. Stay tuned for word from your ensemble director.

Will my dance classes continue to run remotely?
Yes. Stay tuned for word from your professors and know that a dance faculty has been teaching on-line for years.

What about my capstone, which is hands-on?
Faculty will work with their students to find alternate ways to complete capstone work. Stay tuned for word from your professors.

Since study abroad is canceled for the summer and fall semester, will the requirement be waived?
For students not graduating in 2020, we can help students find substitute programs that meet their academic, experiential and financial needs. Students who are unable to make alternative plans for study abroad may apply for a waiver.

My Intensive Course Abroad (ICA) was canceled. Will I get a refund?
The Office of Global Education has begun to work with Billing to remove the charges and deposits for all students participating on the Summer 2020 ICAs. For refunds of deposits for those students who have a $0 Spring 2020 balance, please submit a refund request at

What will happen to the internship I’m doing this semester for academic credit?
All in-person internships have been cancelled. Students have two options to continue to learn from their internship experiences as well as receive full credit and satisfy requirements: 1) Students can work with their site supervisor to complete their internship remotely; 2) If remote work is not an option, students can complete their internship by submitting an Alternative Internship Project. Students currently enrolled in internship courses have been notified of these options. Contact with questions.

I have not yet registered for an internship course for academic credit. What will happen to the internship I’m doing this semester?
Students who are pursuing spring internships, but have not yet registered for an internship course, need to do submit the Internship Learning Agreement by March 27th. All in-person internships have been cancelled, so you will need to complete your internship remotely. If remote work is not possible, the CEO will be in touch to discuss options. Contact with questions.

What will happen with the community-based component of the class I am taking?
Community-based work is integrated fully to each class. The community-based work you have completed has contributed to your experiential learning already. After spring break, this component will be interrupted and replaced by another kind of course work. Stay tuned for word from your professors.

My CBL experience (a signature weekly program) was cancelled for the remainder of the semester. What happens next and how do I stay connected?
We’re currently looking into virtual options for volunteering and will be in touch with everyone who was already on a roster for one of our existing programs. At this time, all public schools and most of our partner organizations have closed, similar to Goucher, and are working purely on virtual platforms. Remain patient as we work through this together. Please be in touch directly with the CBL office if you have more questions.

What will happen with my PE class and the PE requirement?
The Registrar has informed the May and August 2020 candidates that the PE activity requirement is waived for them. The Registrar has also informed all students in the second 7-week PE courses that they have been canceled.

What will happen with my weekly appointments with my academic coach in ACE?
ACE coaches will continue with their weekly appointments and they have been contacting students during the break.

How will we register for class for next semester?
The Registrar, faculty and academic advisors will be working with students to check DegreeWorks, choose classes and register for next semester.