Goucher College Student Leadership Awards

The Student Leadership Awards are given annually to students spanning all class years. It is one of the greatest opportunities at Goucher College to recognize students for their accomplishments and contributions to the Goucher community. Participating in the nomination process is an equally powerful way to witness and elevate a student’s leadership and growth as they inspire, organize, and build. Please click below to read about each award.

The Student Leadership Awards


In an effort to diversify methods for submitting nominations, we are accepting video or voice recorded nominations in addition to written nominations. Any faculty, student, or staff is welcomed to nominate a student for the awards.

The deadline to submit your nominations is 10:00 a.m. (EST) on Monday, March 15, 2021.

Submit a nomination

A comprehensive nomination will:

  • Answer each of the four nomination questions in the prompt.
  • Explain student’s contributions and accomplishments with specific examples (including the “what” and “how” in the examples).
  • Provide an understanding for how their accomplishments and contributions have affected community, inside and outside of the Goucher campus.

Guidelines for video or voice submissions

  • Your video should begin with stating your name, the name of your nominee, and for which award(s) you are nominating them.
  • Be sure to answer each of the four nomination questions in the recording.
  • Speak clearly and eliminate background noise.
  • Watch or listen to your recording before submitting to make sure it is understandable.
  • Use this guide (PDF) for further video recording support. 

Students: If you are nominated for an award, you will be asked to submit a resume that also includes your leadership activities. Traditionally, we have also asked for an application, answering a few specific questions about your leadership, however this year it will be optional. Please note that those who submit an application will provide the Student Leadership Award Committee with a more comprehensive understanding about your candidacy, which may increase your chances of being selected for an award. It is also a great opportunity to reflect upon your accomplishments and contributions in and outside of the Goucher community.

Once you are nominated for an award, you will receive an email notification with a link to submit your resume and optional application. As a reminder the Career Education Office (CEO) has resources available to help you create or strengthen your resume. There are two ways to get feedback on your resume: upload your resume in the “documents” section of Goucher Recruit or schedule an appointment to talk with a career advisor.

The Student Leadership Award Ceremony will be held via Zoom on Friday, May 7at 4:30 pm (EST).

The 2021 Student Leadership Award Committee

Shama Akhtar (she/her/hers), Director of Institutional Effectiveness
Brandon Arvesen (he/him/his), Assistant Professor of Writing
Hannah Corbus (she/her/hers), Class of 2022
Edgar Kunz (he/him/his), Visiting Assistant Professor of Creative Writing
Ceri McCaffrey (she/her/hers), class of 2023
Iyanna Pierre-Louis (she/her/hers), Program Coordinator of Student Engagement (OSE)
Aisha Rivers (she/her/hers), Director of Student Engagement (OSE)