The Library

The Goucher College Library has a number of guidelines for members of the greater community. Please take a minute to read the library access guidelines. For more information or to browse the Goucher collections, visit the Library's homepage.

Library Hours

Entry into the Athenaeum building, and therefore the library, is allowed between 9 am and 10 pm daily.  Goucher Campus Safety conducts an ID check on all patrons at 10pm to verify status. 

More limited access hours may occur at other times; please call 410-337-6360 for more information.

Library Collections

The library’s collections are available to the public for in-library use. 

Non-Goucher users may borrow materials if they register as a “Community Borrower” ($50 annual fee) or qualify as a reciprocal borrower through our BALC or other college agreements. Borrowed items are due back in 28 days; one renewal permitted.  Community users may borrow DVDs for in-house use up to 4 hours.

Computer and Network Access

The Learning Commons computers may be used by all individuals, with current Goucher community members getting priority.

Goucher’s network provides wireless access for visitors and Goucher users alike who wish to access the web through a laptop or mobile device.

While on campus, non-Goucher users have full access to the library’s databases. The library's catalog is accessible from anywhere but remote access to the databases is not possible.

Printing, scanning and faxing privileges are limited to current Goucher students, faculty, and staff.

The Reference Desk

Goucher librarians may be available to provide research assistance, with the understanding that the needs of Goucher community members are prioritized, and that the extent of assistance provided is at the discretion of the librarian.

Room Reservations

Only Goucher students, faculty, and staff may reserve library rooms. Faculty and staff can use the EMS system while students can request reservations through the form. Community members are welcome to occupy any of our rooms if found empty. Community members may be asked to vacate  rooms subject to Goucher student/staff/faculty needs.