Researching International Graduate Schools

Applying to graduate school outside of the U.S. can be a natural next step for someone looking to continue their international experience. Numerous countries have expanded their course offerings in English as well as financial incentives to increase the number of international students on their campus. Many countries also offer 1 year Masters’ programs, do not require graduate entrance examinations, offer post-study work opportunities, and some even allow you to apply U.S. financial aid to your program. All of this combine to make applying to a graduate program outside of the U.S. an exciting opportunity for you!

When looking for a program abroad through it is very important to do thorough research on the host country’s culture, the expectations and academic experience of the university you are applying for, as well as the validity of the degree in the U.S. For example, much like during a study abroad experience the interactions between students and faculty members can be much different then what you would find in the U.S. There might be less institutional support then what you would expect to find in the U.S. Finally, students applying for professional degrees such as Law, Dentistry, or Medicine should understand that their degree might not be recognized upon return to the U.S.

Below are a list of country-specific resources that you can use to begin your international graduate school research:

General Resources

Find a Masters
A one-stop shop for students looking for Master’s degrees or postgraduate qualifications from around the world.

Find a PhD
A database of worldwide graduate research and PhD programs.

Fulbright Program
The Fulbright is a respected international exchange program for post-graduate students, offering opportunities for study and research in many academic areas.

Advocating “meaningful travel", this site provides information about interning, working, teaching, studying, volunteering, or traveling abroad. 

Masters Portal
Discover thousands of Master's programs from all over the world. Search by keyword, discipline and region or use the advanced search.

Australia/New Zealand/ South Pacific

 Study in Australia
The Australian Government’s official portal for international students seeking opportunities in Australia gives a general overview (and less specifics) on graduate study.

Study in New Zealand
Designed for Americans who want to study in New Zealand. Learn about the country, living there, its educational opportunities, and scholarships through text or videos. In addition to searching by discipline, level or length of study, you can search by access to snow, surf, hiking/biking, arts/culture, city or countryside.


British Council
Designed for Americans, the British Council’s site details where, why, and how to do graduate study in England. Most are one year long, require no GRE and can be less expensive than American programs.

Campus France
This English-language website briefly answers common questions about higher education in France. You can also search for doctoral programs, Erasmus exchanges, distance learning, internships, classes in English, MBAs, etc.

Postgraduate Scholarships in the UK
A source of information about funding for postgraduate education in England.

Study in Germany
This site provides general information about studying and living in Germany.

Study in Spain                                                                                                   
Resource for studying and living in Spain covering everything from available scholarships to popular courses and programs.

Study in Sweden
Provides details about studying at undergraduate through doctoral levels (in English and/or Swedish) in Scandinavia’s biggest country.

Study UK
Study UK, a site run by the British Council, is a resource for international students seeking education in all four UK countries. The emphasis is not necessarily on graduate education, but a variety of degrees and programs.

North America

Study in Canada
If you are considering higher education in Canada, consult this site for information about careers, schools, student life, financial aid, applying and general advice. Their Graduate School section is broken into five categories: Business, Law, Medical, Dental and general Graduate Schools.




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