Academic Center Open Houses

Our Academic Centers will be hosting a series of virtual open houses beginning on March 15 during which the faculty will provide an overview of the majors and minors each offers followed by a question and answer period so you can connect directly with your future professors.

Academic Center Open Houses will be held from 8-9 p.m. EDT on the dates listed (click date to register).

Check which session(s) you want to attend – our faculty are looking forward to connecting with you and your family! 

Center for Art & Media
Communication & Media Studies | Studio Art*
Monday, March 15

Center for Contemporary & Creative Writing
Creative Writing* | Professional & Creative Writing | Professional Writing*
Monday, March 15

Center for Dance, Music & Theatre
Arts Management* | Dance | Integrative Arts Studies | Theatre*
Thursday, March 18

Center for Data, Mathematical & Computational Sciences
Computer Science | Integrative Data Analytics
Tuesday, March 16

Center for Education, Business & Professional Studies
Business Management | Education Studies | Equine Studies* | International Business* | Secondary Education*
Wednesday, March 17

Center for Geographies of Justice
Africana Studies* | Peace Studies | Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies | Philosophy
Wednesday, March 17

Center for Hispanic & Latinx Studies
Latin American Studies* | Spanish
Tuesday, March 16

Center for Humanities
American Studies** | Art History* | Literary Studies | History | Historic Preservation* | Philosophy | Visual & Material Culture
Tuesday, March 16

Center for Natural Sciences
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology** | Biological Sciences | Chemistry | Engineering Science | Environmental Studies: Environmental Science | Premedical Studies* |  Prehealth Studies* | Public Health*
Wednesday, March 17

Center for People, Politics & Markets
Economics | Environmental Studies: Environment & Society | International Relations | Legal Studies* | Political Science | Sociology/Anthropology
Monday, March 15

Center for Psychology
Monday, March 15

Center for the Study of Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures
Arabic Studies* | French Transnational Studies
Wednesday, March 17

Individualized Interdisciplinary Major (IIM)
 A framework for students to pursue a flexible, self-designed major that takes advantage of the diverse and innovative courses offered across the curriculum. 
Monday, March 15

Pre-Medical & Pre-Health Advising
 The program prepares students for graduate and professional schools in a variety of health disciplines while challenging them to be problem-solvers in all areas.
Tuesday, March 16

Minor or Concentration Only *
Major Only **