You Know You Went To Goucher If...

Part of alumnae/i weekend is celebrating our shared past. Here are some memories Goucher graduates know to be true. You know you went to Goucher if...


  • You had Rhoda Dorsey as your dorm "Mom."
    Rhoda Dorsey

  • You remember walking through the woods to shop at Hutzler's.


  • You have used the phrase “Man on the Hall”

  • You ever faced Miss Hull to get permission to go away for the weekend


  • You ever cringed at having a "Posture Picture" taken
  • You learned how to change the oil in your car in Dr. Houseman's "Nuts & Bolts" January minicourse


  • You know what an MPU is

2000 and after

  • You can recall the exact smell that wafted off your clothes after a trip to Stimmy
  • You got to pet horses between classes
  • You can think of several different ways to modify a nerf gun
  • You think it’s weird when one of your friends did NOT study abroad
  • You yelled at your friends when they didn't recycle their empty alcohol bottles
  • Your college President knew you by name

And finally, 

  • You got the best education possible!