Academic Forgiveness Policy

What is Academic Forgiveness

The Academic Forgiveness Policy was developed to provide students with the opportunity to improve their GPA by changing to NP up to three Fs earned in their first year at Goucher.

How to request academic forgiveness

Step 1: At the beginning of students’ third semester at Goucher, students will meet with their success advisor to discuss the policy and process. At the meeting, the student will:

Step 2: After step 1, students will make an appointment with the associate provost for undergraduate studies to review their request for Academic Forgiveness. Students should bring the Academic Forgiveness Contract (PDF) that they have completed with their success advisor to the meeting with the associate provost

Step 3: By the end of their third semester, students will get a notification from the associate provost for undergraduate studies letting them know if their request for academic forgiveness has been granted. Please note:

  • Only students who meet the terms of their contract and achieve the minimum GPA standards (2.0 GPA in at least 12 credits) will be granted academic forgiveness.
  • The student’s failing grades (F) for which they request forgiveness will then appear as No Pass (NP) on their transcripts.


Last updated: 9/18/2023