Faith Pearson ’15

Business Management Major

Don’t be surprised if Faith Pearson ’15 ends up with her name decorating front lawns in a few years. Pearson sees herself one day running for office.

Faith Pearson '19Her first job after Goucher was at Baltimore’s City Hall, where she served as a council assistant to the former 9th district councilperson. She helped constituents with their problems and attended community meetings and events on behalf of the council. With this experience along with her participation in local elections, she hopes to use her political connections and extensive network to advocate for education reform and equal employment opportunities.

“You can see the difference in opportunities between city schools and private schools,” says Pearson, who attended private school from age seven. “That disparity tracks over to employment. Giving everyone an even playing field as early as possible is a way to combat that. It definitely won’t happen overnight, but it needs to start somewhere.”

As a first-generation college graduate, Pearson earned a full scholarship to study business management at Goucher, and she continues to add to the list of firsts for her family. She now has an M.B.A. in leadership and managerial development and is planning to earn a doctorate in teaching and learning, policy, and leadership, with a specialization in minority and urban education.

Currently, Pearson is a finance analyst for the U.S. Department of Defense, but she considers that a stop on her journey. “There are stepping stones that will get you where you need to be,” Pearson says. “Even the career I’m in now is not the final step, but I’ve asked myself: How can I use this to get my foot in the door to get me where I want to be?” When asked about her experiences at Goucher, unfair treatment in the workplace, and other various challenging situations, Pearson says, “Every situation you face will eventually get you where you are destined to be. Learn from it and push forward.”