Institutional Review Board

Goucher research projects and activities that involve human subjects that are conducted on the college premises or elsewhere by faculty, students, or employees require review and approval by the Institutional Review Board prior to initiation. Research that is conducted as part of a classroom assignment may not need IRB approval. Please see Goucher College’s Policy on the Use of Human Subjects (PDF) for details.

Federal regulations now require that every IRB member, researcher, and key personnel of a research team certify knowledge of federal regulations and policies dealing with human subjects. The Goucher College Policy on the Use of Human Subjects requires IRB members, researchers, and key personnel of all research teams to submit certificates of completion of a web-based training course to the IRB with IRB submissions. Log in or register on the CITI Program website to complete the course. To get started, view these instructions (PDF).

Please save your certificate as a pdf so that you may keep it for your own records and include it in IRB submissions.

Submit Proposals

Submit proposals to Gwen Probst, IRB Administrator:

Electronic copy:

Questions may be addressed to Gwen Probst, IRB Administrator (

Templates for IRB Submissions

IRB - Expedited (DOC)

IRB - Exempt (DOC)

IRB - Full (DOC)

IRB - Continuing Review (DOC)

This form is for projects that have been approved but (a) would like to continue beyond the 1-year mark (since original approval), OR (b) would like to request approval to make particular modifications to their existing protocols

Resources for IRB Members & Researchers