September 4, 2020

Racial Justice Teach-In 2020

Martin Shuster

From the Director of the Center for Geographies of Justice:

Nearly daily, the United States is experiencing wave after wave of police violence; racial injustice; organized white nationalist and white supremacist activity; mass protest and unrest; and increasing authoritarianism, oppression, repression, gaslighting, and brutality. And all of this during a global pandemic that has claimed almost 200,000 American lives, disproportionally affecting marginalized communities, including Black communities and communities of color.

All of these various social pathologies do not occur in a vacuum nor are they new to the American context. This is a time for action, but it is also a time for building capacity for sustained action in the future, as the solutions required are systemic, structural, and complex.

On Tuesday 9/8 and Wednesday 9/9, professors across the country are going on strike and/or leading teach-ins in order to protest police violence in the USA and in order to bring attention to the importance of combatting white supremacy and white nationalism and pursuing racial justice. You can read more about it here.

To this end, some Goucher faculty have elected to participate in this organized #ScholarStrike. Many faculty on campus are teaching courses that resonate with the present moment or its historical roots and they have opened their classes to anyone who is interested in attending. You can see a list of classes below. They have been organized in such a way that on Tuesday 9/8 and Wednesday 9/9, Goucher College will have a two day teach-in composed of these aforementioned classes. You are invited to attend as many as you’d like. 

The entire teach-in will culminate in a community-wide discussion on Wednesday 9/9 at 7:00pm. The Zoom link for it is here.

To access a particular course, you simply just need to click on the title of the course in order to open up a Zoom link to it.

Martin Shuster
Director, Center for Geographies of Justice


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