January 29, 2020

Student art postcard sets now on sale

Art from Goucher College students may be arriving in your mailbox soon. 

  • Sebastian Bronson Boddie '20

  • Serena Hoffman '21

  • May Hathaway '20

  • Ayla Ellenbogen '23

  • Amelia Meier '21

  • Elijah Tauriac '20

  • Brooke Strutin '20

  •  Yuwan Zhang '20

  • Emmet Dunn-McMartin '21

  • Fiona Livelsberger '21

  • Michell Wolinsky '20

Eleven Goucher College artists are sharing their art across campus and the community with a new student art postcard set. Through a juried competition in Fall 2019, Goucher students enrolled in art courses were invited to submit artwork for the inaugural art collection. More than 50 submissions were received, and 11 works were selected for publication. 

“We wanted the work to represent the breadth of the art made in the studio here on campus,” said Alex Ebstein ’07, director of exhibitions and curator at Goucher College. “Every student is learning a range of different skills, and the work represents what each student gravitates to.”

Various art mediums are represented in the selection, including wire sculpture, painting, photography, and digital collage. The sets, which include 11 postcards, also highlights the student art developed for the Alumnae/i Weekend 2020 poster. Student artists featured include Sebastian Boddie ’20Emmet Dunn-McMartin ’21Ayla Ellenbogen ’23Serena Hoffman ’21May Hathaway ’20Fiona Livelsberger ’21Amelia Meier ’21Brooke Strutin ’20Elijah Tauriac ’20Michel Wolinsky ’20, and Yuwan Zhang ’20.  

“This was a real opportunity for students to assess their work and put it forward,” said Ebstein. “There is real value to students self-editing and picking the work they are most proud of.”

The postcards also support a new local artisan-made emphasis at the Goucher College Store. Later this semester, the store also hopes to begin including items crafted in the Goucher Maker Space.

The Goucher College student art postcards are available for purchase at the Goucher College Store for $10/set, or by emailing grayson.owen@goucher.edu.