Goucher College receives $1 million gift toward the Stromberg Family Scholarship Fund

Goucher College Board of Trustees Chair Lisa Stromberg ’83 and William J. Stromberg donated $1 million to Goucher College to increase support of the Stromberg Family Scholarship.

This fall, Goucher College Board of Trustees Chair Lisa Stromberg ’83, and William J. Stromberg, donated $1 million to Goucher College to increase support of the Stromberg Family Scholarship.

Established in 2019, this scholarship provides need-based financial aid to students who are actively pursuing an undergraduate degree at Goucher. Financial aid, advanced by this scholarship, plays a critical role in students’ ability to choose a liberal arts education at Goucher, and enhances the college’s ability to recruit and retain exceptional students. The Stromberg Scholarship provides life-changing opportunities for many students who might have otherwise encountered closed doors. In the coming years, Lisa Stromberg envisions that the scholarship will continue to grow and benefit more students.

Stromberg, a Goucher graduate and former teacher, has remained a passionate advocate for the transformational power and value of education. While pursuing a master’s, she taught full time, and that experience in the classroom gave Stromberg first-hand insight into a student’s journey.

“I’ve seen the evolution of students learning,” Stromberg says, “When students begin to acquire some competence, whether that be in reading, math, foreign language, or whatever is the skill, then they start to develop the confidence to propel them to the next challenge.”

She credits her time at Goucher as when she learned the values of critical thinking, openness to new ideas, thoughtful and reflective approaches to life’s challenges, and how to be a lifelong learner. These are all the timeless qualities and attributes that are the pillars of a Goucher education, and which enrich Goucher students beyond a degree.

Before selecting Goucher, Stromberg went to a large public school with a graduating class size of more than 600. As a result, Goucher’s close-knit community held a particular draw for Stromberg as she selected a program for herself. She appreciated being identified more personally and developing deep relationships with professors and classmates.

“I remember being tapped on the shoulder by a professor at Goucher and asked, ‘Why don’t you try this?' At the time, I thought, I don’t really know if I can do that. And the professor would say, 'Yes, you can. Just try.'"

Stromberg’s positive experiences at Goucher are paralleled with each new class year’s students. Through this scholarship, the College can help care for its students by building up collaborative environments–a supportive home for learning, tools, and spaces to explore global questions, and foster confidence in students in their ability to succeed beyond Goucher’s campus.

“Lisa and Bill’s gift will have a profound impact on Goucher students,” said Kent Devereaux, Goucher College President. “Their generous commitment will help the College enhance student success year after year through the rigorous liberal arts curriculum and global education that Goucher is recognized for nationally.”

Recipients of the Stromberg Family Scholarship will carry forward the mission of the college, Stromberg believes, with their critical thinking and ability to communicate comfortably with diverse groups of people. These qualities will support them as they pursue whichever passions and professional goals they may choose. Stromberg also hopes the scholarship will encourage a greater culture of philanthropy at Goucher. Giving back to the college is a tradition that makes meaningful programming and memorable experiences possible year after year.

"Lisa and Bill’s commitment to our institution and to our students’ success is so meaningful and we are enormously thankful for their continued support,” said Michele Ewing, vice president for advancement at Goucher College. “The Strombergs are Goucher philanthropists, and their gift is sure to inspire other members of our Goucher community.”

The Stromberg’s generous gift, providing meaningful education for students in need, comes on the heels of the relaunch of Goucher’s [UNDAUNTED] comprehensive campaign. Since the launch of the campaign, 29 scholarship funds have been established and more than 50 students have been awarded scholarships. At Goucher, 97% of students receive some type of financial aid.

“Much like our [UNDAUNTED] campaign, the Stromberg’s gift is similarly focused on enhancing education opportunities for our students,” said Devereaux.