June 28, 2021

Reflecting on an usual year

Michele Ewing, Vice President for Advancement, reflects on her first year at Goucher, learning about our UNDAUNTED community during a worldwide pandemic.

Dear Goucher Supporter,

Reflecting on my first year as vice president of advancement, I found myself using the word undaunted more than ever. Some of it was the year itself, some in reference to our [UNDAUNTED] campaign, but most of it was the accomplishments of faculty, staff, and students despite the challenges. Undaunted, defined as not intimidated or discouraged by difficulty, danger, or disappointment, again became a mantra as both an attitude and a catalyst at Goucher.

I am proud to announce that we have raised over $9 million this year because of our community’s generosity, all of which supports the [UNDAUNTED] campaign. This $100M campaign has three initiatives: increasing scholarship funding, securing more professorships, and advancing our progress towards completing the Science Research Center. In addition to this success, we are just $300,000 away from our unrestricted $2 million goal for the Greater Goucher Fund.

If you have supported the college previously, thank you. You know how impactful every donor and each dollar is in our ability to help our students. Your continued support will allow the college to pivot when necessary and provide the resources for our students to thrive and excel. Your gift will assist in the safe reopening this fall, welcoming two classes of students to campus for the first time, and will provide financial support to many students who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend.

So how are you [UNDAUNTED]?

I’ve come to appreciate the [UNDAUNTED] spirit embodied by alumnae/i and friends in many ways. You chose to support our students even when you faced your own adversity during this pandemic. You joined us for our first-ever virtual Alumnae/i Weekend and Zoomed through lecture series, meet and greets, and trivia. You welcomed students into your jobs for the new micro internship program, supplying more than 60 students with experiences to add to their resumes. And many of you gave during our Season of Giving campaign and showed your Goucher pride during our fourth Goucher Challenge.

It is because of your encouragement that our students choose to persevere and adapt to these new environments. Your advocacy allowed the faculty and staff to refocus their routines to develop new methods for delivery, outreach, and connection to the students. You ensured an engaging Goucher experience virtually. The transitions made through this year demonstrate resiliency within a strong community and foster a tradition of supporting generations to come.

We are [UNDAUNTED] because you are [UNDAUNTED].

Please consider renewing your support of the college with a gift to the Greater Goucher Fund. All gifts made by June 30 will be counted in this year’s giving totals and allows us to leverage an anonymous match, which directly impacts our students and help our community remain [UNDAUNTED].

Thank you again for all the ways in which you advocate for Goucher.

Kind regards,

Michele Ewing
Vice President of Advancement