September 19, 2017

Arts Administration Faculty Present at Gard Foundation's Arts Symposium

Last year, 30 people, including three M.A. in Arts Administration faculty members, gathered for four days to examine the evolution of the arts in the U.S. Presentations from the symposium are now available online.

  •  MAAA Faculty Member E'Vonne Coleman Cook

Gard Foundation's Arts Symposium Presentations

Last year, M.A. in Arts Administration (MAAA) Director Ramona Baker and faculty members Maryo Ewell and E’Vonne Coleman Cook presented at the Gard Foundation's arts symposium, "Our Communities: A Symposium on the Arts." The symposium focused on the evolution of the arts in the U.S. and how "the nature of the conversation about the role of community-based arts in America seems to be changing."

Video, audio, and written reports presented at the symposium, to include those by MAAA faculty, are now available on the symposium website.