June 4, 2020

Center for Geographies of Justice reading list

In light of the present moment, the faculty of the Center of Geographies of Justice have created a reading list.

  • Photo Credit: Xena Goldman (https://www.instagram.com/xenadecia/)

Since the end of May, the United States has experienced a wave of police violencemass protest and unrestand increased oppression, repression, and brutality. It is important to understand that while these are much more prominent now due to technology and possibly to increased awareness, such occurrences are not entirely new experiences for many Black citizens and citizens of color in the United States. The study of the conditions; sites and contestations of history, narrativity, and storytelling; systems and structures; and experiences and accounts of the various forms of oppression, violence, and brutality animating the United Statespast, present, and futureremains a crucial part of moving forward towards a vision of justice and peace. This is a reading list that we have put together in case it might be useful during this time.

The faculty of the Center for Geographies of Justice have created a reading list for the present moment.