August 18, 2020

Former Goucher French Professor Genevieve Marechaux dies

Genevieve Marechaux, former Goucher faculty member for more than 20 years, died this past spring.

Former Goucher faculty member Genevieve Marechaux died this past spring. Genevieve taught at Goucher for over 20 years. An associate professor of French, she came to Goucher in 1960. She was from France and had a degree from the University of Montpelier. 

The 1964 Donnybrook yearbook writes of Genevieve, “In her interesting past, she has studied Portuguese as well as English. While in England, she taught in Worcester and received a Certificate of Proficiency in English from Cambridge University. In Paris, she worked for a company which made language records. Her exciting manner inspires her students to strive toward a meaningful, comprehensive knowledge of a technical subject.”

She was deeply involved in campus life at Goucher. She lived in the residence halls as a “Goucher Neighbor,” or a faculty member who informally shared their experiences and talents with the women of the house. She lived in Jeffrey, Probst, Bennet, and Tuttle. Genevieve also taught French through an adult education course at Goucher starting in the mid-60s.

Genevieve retired in 1981 and moved back to France, while remaining close with some of the families of her fellow faculty. She died April 6, 2020, of natural causes.