March 4, 2024

Exhibitions on display this spring

Goucher College currently has two powerful art exhibitions on display. In the Rosenberg Gallery, outside Kraushaar Auditorium, is Rebecca Marimutu: Portraits (Contact), which explores the female face and self-perception through photographic collages. In her artist statement, Marimutu writes, “With my ongoing self-examination series … I treat the photographic image of myself as a landscape for abstraction and deconstruction. I investigate the practice of portraiture while subverting the white gaze by concealing, obscuring, and protecting the image of myself within the frame.” On display until May 26, the exhibition is the artist’s first solo show in Baltimore.

Meanwhile, the Silber Gallery, located in the Athenaeum, is showing Conversations, a group exhibition that engages the notion of dialogue in contemporary art. The artists work in video, film, installation, drawing, and sculpture. Janna Dyk, Goucher’s director of exhibitions and curator, says of her first show at the college, “After passing through the pandemic’s hyper-screen centered era, I thought, ‘If screens are what have become, for better or worse, a place of normalcy, even comfort, in this post-quarantine moment, then I want to start there. Why not woo ourselves back into in-person spaces through the portal of our shared screen addictions?’” Along with the use of screens, Dyk also thought it would be apt for the work to center on in-person exchanges. “Conversations thus explores a wide-range of verbal exchanges occurring in the work of 15 lens-based artists,” she says. The show will be on display until April 5.

The art galleries are free and open to the public; check the specific gallery webpage for hours.

Later this spring will be Terra / Pellis, a group exhibition on geological time and climate change in the Silber Gallery, and Christopher Lin: Earth Bound, a site-specific experimental installation with plants in the Athenaeum’s Roselie Sturtevant Bond ’40 Art Display Window, which is visible from Van Meter Highway.