November 3, 2023

Recent faculty scholarship, awards, and more

Goucher faculty consistently contribute scholarship and creative work through papers, books, and more. This roundup details just some of the publications and artistic offerings from the last year, with highlights from the fields of economics, professional and creative writing, theater, and anthropology.  

  • Aerial shot of Goucher in the fall

Explorations in Economics 

Economics Assistant Professor Asha Shepard published an article in June 2023 in the journal Education Economics. Titled “Arrested development: relative school entry age and arrests during the teenage and young adult years,” the paper examines whether being the youngest children in certain school grades has an impact on those students’ propensity to commit crime.  

In August 2023, Economics Assistant Professor Margaret Bock was published in the book Challenges in Classical Liberalism: Debating the Policies of Today Versus Tomorrow, out from Palgrave Macmillan. Bock co-wrote a chapter, called “The case for dynamic cities,” which examines four challenges that cities face and policies to address them.  

Creative Contributions 

Lighting Designer and Head of Production Todd Mion designed the lighting for several productions over the last year, including for The Tempest and The Three Musketeers at Door Shakespeare Company in Baileys Harbor, WI, in the summer of 2022, and for Dead Man’s Cell Phone at Fells Point Corner Theatre in Baltimore in the spring of 2023.  

Kratz Writer-in-Residence Sarah Pinsker was awarded the 2022 Hugo Award for Achievement in Science Fiction and Fantasy in the Best Short Story category, for “Where Oaken Hearts Do Gather.” The story also won the 2022 Eugie Award, an annual award for short speculative fiction.  

Collaborations at Conferences  

At the Conference on College Composition and Communication, held in Chicago in February 2023, Professional and Creative Writing Associate Professor Lana Oweidat participated in “Arab/Muslim Caucus Roundtable on Disrupting Silences and Promoting Inclusive Pedagogical Interventions.” The roundtable discussed pedagogical opportunities for widening students’ perspectives and cross-cultural knowledge.  

At the SEC Spanish Consortium Conference in Oxford, MS, in early March 2023, Anthropology Assistant Professor Matthew Van Hoose gave a presentation with University of Mississippi professor Stephen Fafulus, called “Language Ideology and Practice in the U.S. South: Case Studies of Spanish in Northern Mississippi and Eastern North Carolina.” The talk delved into Van Hoose and Fafulus’ research (using sociolinguistic interviews) comparing first- and second-generation Spanish speakers in Eastern North Carolina and Northern Mississippi.