August 16, 2017

Message from the President - Charlottesville

Dear Goucher Community,

As we embark on our new school year, filled with hope and excitement, we are also deeply disturbed by the events that took place on and near another college campus last week in Charlottesville. I wish the new academic year were not beginning in the midst of such turbulence, but Goucher College remains committed to sustaining a positive learning environment in these difficult times.

While I hope it is obvious, it is absolutely worth repeating that we, at Goucher, strongly condemn racism, anti-Semitism, and all expressions of hatred coming from white nationalists and other similar groups. As a community, we will continue to reaffirm our commitment to one other and to make and keep our campus a safe and welcoming place. We will oppose anyone who seeks to bully, terrorize, or marginalize members of our community.

Ultimately, it is our actions that matter. How we treat each other and how well we listen makes a difference. This year we will continue our work to reaffirm our community principles and to create a campus culture that seeks equity in all of our policies and work. In addition, we will start and complete construction on one of the first integrated interfaith centers in America.

The work that we do here at Goucher, educating, opening minds and hearts, encouraging dialogue, practicing empathy, and promoting equity in the world, is deeply important. The way to defeat abhorrent ideas is with other ideas. We will continue to be a place where ideas flow freely and openly, and we will use what we are learning to make the world a better place.

What we do every day to fight bigotry and hatred matters. It matters to our country, to our community, and to each other. I thank you for standing together for Goucher and for each other.