June 3, 2019

Time, The Wall Street Journal feature Bill Nye’s Goucher Commencement address

National news media recognize Bill Nye’s Goucher College Commencement speech as one of the most notable of 2019.

  • Bill Nye

Bill Nye, science educator, engineer, and television host, delivered Goucher College’s 128th Commencement address to an enthusiastic crowd of graduates on May 24, 2019.

His address focused on climate change and was named one of Time's Best Commencement Speeches of 2019, and was also featured by The Wall Street Journal, PBS Newshour, and NBC’s Meet the PressNPR’s On Point devoted an entire segment to Nye’s call to “take charge of the earth.”

As Bill Nye said to the Class of 2019, “You’re Goucher graduates, for crying out loud. You can do this, people! Take a chance, make a difference. It’s what everyone here wants you to do in every challenge you face—turn your fear into excitement and change the world.”

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