May 21, 2019

Congratulations, Class of 2019!

The Alumnae & Alumni of Goucher College (AAGC) would like to wish members of the Class of 2019 the very best of congratulations on their graduation! Welcome to the Alumnae/i Association!

  • Words of Wisdom by Denise '89

Below is a collection of congrats and advice from alumnae/i who celebrated class reunions at Alumnae/i Weekend this past April. Their words represent a collection of perspectives and insights from multiple generations!

Congratulations on this great accomplishment! This is just the beginning of a life of learning and accomplishments that Goucher has prepared you for. Follow your dreams!!
—Nuria McNeal ’94

No experience is ever wasted. You can learn from everything that you do or whatever happens to you. Even if it’s, “Well, I never have to do THAT again!”
—Jane Benson ’74

You ARE talented enough, you ARE smart enough, and you ARE good enough. Don’t play small. Take the risk!!
—Colin Riley ’09

 Be yourself! Don’t be afraid to stand up for principles you believe in. The world needs positive, enthusiastic, passionate, hard-working, leaders like you! Best of luck!
—Sandy Ranck King ’79

Congratulations! Best of luck on the next step of your journey. Welcome to the Goucher alum club.
—Aileen Heiman ’04

The Dalai Lama said, “If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” …toward yourself, your imperfect-but-wonderful family and friends, and toward your tribe, which (in my humble opinion) spreads outward from oneself to the edges of the universe.
With love,
—Ellen Burriss Swallow ’59

Congratulations!!! 1) Travel as much as you can, near and far. 2) Be kind, practice gratitude! 3) Stay present and enjoy the moment.
—Melissa Fenice ’94

As I learned today “you may not be able to choose what you do, but you can always choose who you are.” Please be kind to all other people, protect the environment, hold to your faith, have confidence in yourself and stay positive no matter what. Follow your dreams no matter what obstacles may be placed in your way, and live each day thankful for all the little blessings in your life such as beautiful sunsets, springtime flowers, etc… Most of all, enjoy your life!
—Claire D. Jones ’74 (Yes I am old!)

Congrats! Your new journey is just beginning. Don’t forget to help those coming behind you. All the best!
—Denise ’89

Dear Graduates, when I was your age, I had 100s of memories clearly in mind. It never occurred that they all might remain there, “eternally” inaccessible. This is why I encourage you to keep a journal, not necessarily daily, though that would be ideal, but one that records the trips you will take, the books you read, your hopes and dreams, and the names of people you meet and the impressions they made.

I kept journals of the many travels I’ve enjoyed and though years may pass between reading them, I am delighted to relive adventures and, at least mentally, rekindle friendships made. I find now, 60 years after graduating, my mental video, quite long, does omit specifics. I do embroider the misty spaces.

Congratulations on your accomplishment. May you have many, many years to collect precious memories. May the good ones shine and the less fortunate at least be part of continued learning.
—Lynn Kocevar Gaines ’59

 Always remember that the path from point A to point B is not always a straight line. Don’t be afraid of side tracks, as opportunities may present themselves when you don’t expect them.
—Judy Cohen, MACS ’12

My B.A. was in International Relations. I got into law school, deferred for a year and worked for a law firm and hated it. I did a post-bacc for pre-med and am now an MD/MPH (for 25 years). Bottom line – Do what you love, take your time and explore. Goucher prepares you for LIFE-LONG learning. Best wishes.
—Kristin Sheets Erickson ’89

What you want CAN be achieved! Go for it!
—Class of ’69

 It is easy to get wrapped up in work; remember to spend time on hobbies and personal time.
—Gretchen Gilliland ’03

Don’t be afraid to contact professors, coaches, and friends after you graduate. They can help you find jobs and offer good advice.
—Shea ’14

Be sure to stay in touch with your college friends. Your four years here have changed you in ways you may not even realize and the people who were there with you through those years are some of the people you will want to have in your life forever!
—Hannah Woodson ’17

Read as many books as possible!
—Beth Bouwman ’09

Ride a bike (if you can). I regret every year that I didn’t. Work to preserve the environment – nothing else matters as much to our world. Attend reunions – always fun. Don’t change your name if you get married – no one can find you on social media.
—Louise Sherman ’64

Never say never!
—Jenna Bechioitz Bluck ’89

Always buy lemonade from the kids!
—Alison Stabert Shumaker ’64

Stay engaged with Goucher—keep in touch with your professors and attend events! Goucher grads are known for challenging the status quo—keep up the legacy!
—Christina Stetler-Rodriguez ’04

Always look on the bright side of life.
—Alexandra Walsh ’15

Make the most of Goucher’s resources.
—Kate Matthews ’18

Develop a good relationship with yourself. You have to spend the rest of your life with you.
—Mel Tillery ’09

Follow the connections. You will be shocked by how interconnected EVERYTHING really is.
—Cynthia Earman ’89

“You are extraordinary in your limits, but your limits are extraordinary” – Gertrude Stein
—Laurie Kovens ’89

Don’t be afraid to take risks and make mistakes! Have fun and smile!
—Marcy Vajner Marinelli ’74

Remain open-minded about how your career might progress.
—Tracey ’92

Be kind, share, hold hands, take turns, smell the flowers!
—Louise “Reddi” Ford ’64

Eat well and do good!
—Phyllis McDonough Robinson ’84

Be flexible! You’ll get where you want to go eventually.
—Sarah Lummis ’17

Take advantage of your network! Don’t be afraid to ask for help and pool your resources.
—Blake Caple ’17

Work on your resume BEFORE you graduate.
—Deirdre Ball ’17

Don’t be afraid to apply – all they can say is no, but you never know when you have experiences that are exactly what someone is looking for.
—Margaret H Samuels ’09

Life seems to work out the way it’s supposed to – Don’t fear the change!
—Gloria Kantor ’04

Be true to yourself.
—Dorothy Chandler Prats ’59

Find a job you enjoy and people you enjoy to work with. Remember college fondly like I do. Be happy
—Sally Davis ’74 

Travel as much as possible – here in the USA and as far flung around the globe as you can manage. Pinch pennies to have experiences not e-stuff, and to save for the future. People matter, not things.
—Jennifer Lewis-David ’94

Whatever you choose to do, give it a year. It takes that long to master a job and truly see if it’s something you want to continue. (And 1-year increments look better on a resume or CV!!)
—Jane Benson ’74

Marrying the right person is important. Go home with your intended and watch how his/her parents treat each other. That is the example s/he will have had and s/he will follow. I wish I had been given that advice.
Gail Anderson Ettinger '69

Congrats graduates! No matter where life takes you, may you be kind to others and kind to yourself. Good luck and God bless!
—Amy Eddy, MAT ’04