November 6, 2017

AAGC Member Named to ADA Board

  • Photo of AAGC Member Linda Himmelberger

Linda Himmelberger ’74, board member (and former president) of the Alumnae and Alumni of Goucher College, can add another line to her resume, as a newly installed trustee of the 161,000-member American Dental Association.

A general dentist in Pennsylvania for more than 35 years, Himmelberger has served the ADA in other capacities—as a member of their governing House of Delegates, and on task forces, councils, and committees, and has been president, vice-president, and secretary of the Pennsylvania Dental Association (PDA). She also served as a member of PDA's "Go Team," assisting in the identification of victims of three major airplane crashes, including those of United Flight 93 in September 2001.

In a 2016 email interview with Goucher Magazine, Himmelberger wrote that "Goucher prepared me for my career and for my life by being the best of what a liberal arts college should be, teaching not only “facts” (which are critical for a science major), but also problem-solving, critical thinking and a thirst for knowledge and understanding.”

Read the press release from the American Dental Association