April 12, 2019

2019 AAGC Slate

The slate of incoming AAGC directors and committee members will be approved by a majority vote at the Annual Meeting on Saturday, May 4. If approved, the following alumnae/i volunteers will begin new terms and positions of service July 1, 2019. 

Board of Directors

Jay Gilman ’09—Minneapolis, MN

Vice President
Damon Highsmith ’03—Washington, DC

Judy Cohen, MACS ’12—Baltimore, MD

Annual Giving Liaison
Carol Hirschfeld Roth ’70—Wilmington, DE

Admissions Liaison
Nadiera Young ’12, M.Ed. ’14—Baltimore, MD

Nicole Imamshah Kaplan ’94—Decatur, GA

Kimberlee Van Newkirk Shaffir ’83, P ’15—Annapolis, MD

Tom Geyer ’93—Baltimore, MD


Nominating Committee

Damon Highsmith ’03—Washington, DC

Auni Husted Gelles 10—Baltimore, MD

Jessica Solomon 18—West Hollywood, CA


Public Service Award Committee

Donte Small ’18—Baltimore, MD

Jack Edelman Kavanaugh ’11—Buffalo, NY