August 26, 2013

Welcome Back to 2013!

Welcome (and welcome back) to all Students and Faculty! You will notice a few changes in the Information Commons:

PRINTING - is now all located in the "Printer Pod". There are directions posted at each computer workstation and in the Printer Pod itself.  

STAPLERS - are conveniently located directly outside the Printer Pod. A trash can is there for those annoying staples and paper punch holes!

PAPER CUTTERS - large and small cutters are on the backside of the Printer Pod. A recycling container is there for the scraps.

BOOK RETURN - the Book Return slot has been opened at the Library Service desk. If the Service Desk is busy, you may place regular loan items in here. We recommend that you return Reserves directly to one of the Student Workers at the desk. DVDs and CDs should also be returned at the desk when possible.

RESEARCH NOOK - As the semester gets into full swing we will be designating a small area of the library as a Research Nook. This area is where students or faculty can work with the aid of a librarian. We will help get you started and let you work, as we keep an eye on both the Research Help Desk and your needs.