March 6, 2006

Research Fair to be held in the Library

research fair poster

All Goucher faculty, staff, and students are invited to share their work with the campus community during the week of April 3 to 8, National Library Week.

Last held in October 2004, the Julia Rogers Research Fair was a great success. More than eighty displays, representing the work of faculty, students and staff,  were on view throughout the library.  Included were posters, articles, finished books, galley proofs, media presentations and more, making the range of work truly impressive.

Be a part of the Research Fair this year. Please send a brief description of your project and what you'll need to display it: table, easel,  etc. to by March 20.  For more information, see the FAQ below.


Q.What kind of projects will be accepted for display?
A. You name it, we'll make it work! Print materials that can be displayed on a table, posters that can be displayed on an easel or a wall, media presentations, textiles, art objects--all of these and anything else you have to offer will be considered.

Q. Do you only want published material?
A. The Research Fair is open to research at any stage: previously published, in progress, almost ready, whatever.

Q. Will there be a special area for new faculty publications or completed projects?
A. Yes, we're reserving an area just for these kinds of materials.

Q. Do I have to worry about  security for my display?
A. No. Even though the Research Fair is an all-week Celebration, we don't foresee any problems with keeping the materials safe and sound. But if you're concerned, we can make special arrangements for your research materials.

Q. May I talk about or explain my research?
A. Absolutely. We'll set up a presentation schedule for those who wish to talk about their research.

Q. What if I have a question that hasn't been answered?
A. Send your question to Nancy Magnuson, College Librarian.


2004 Research Fair Participants (MS Word)
2004 Research Fair Participants

Media Contact
Nancy Magnuson
College Librarian