April 5, 2012

National Library Week

National Library Week, April 9-13 2012

To celebrate National Library Week, the Goucher College Library will be hosting a weeks' worth of special events! Come to the Information Commons and join the fun!

  • Monday 4/9 - Photo-Caption Day, 1-3pm: Write a funny caption for some of our strangest photographs from Special Collections & Archives.
  • Tuesday 4/10 - Amnesty Day, 8am-5pm: Return your overdue Library books or borrowed Library materials-such as beanbags and markers-without a fine.
  • Wednesday 4/11 - Board Game Day, 1-3pm: Come to the Library and play some games with the staff and fellow students.
  • Thursday 4/12 - Costume Tea Party Day, 1-3pm: Dress as your favorite author, character, or genre and come to the Library for some cake and tea.
  • Friday 4/13 - Feedback Day, 9am-5pm: Share your thoughts about this week's events on our Feedback Board, and submit future questions.