December 18, 2008

Julia Rogers Research Prizes

Julia Rogers

The Julia Rogers Library and The Friends of the Goucher College Library sponsor an annual research prize competition for outstanding research by Goucher students using library resources.  The $250 prizes were first offered in 2004, in honor of Julia Rogers’ 150th birthday.  If you have produced work of which you are especially proud, please consider entering.  The categories are:


Deadline for submissions for the 2009 award is
March 15, 2010

Requirements for submission

To submit your research project as a candidate for one of these awards, you must provide the following:

  • The paper itself.
    • 5 or more pages,
    • written for a course taken in the previous calendar year.
    • includes a bibliography of at least 10 citations, written in a standard bibliographic format (MLA, APA, etc.)

  • A letter of recommendation from the faculty member for whose course the paper was written. The letter must include a brief statement addressing the characteristics of the paper that distinguish it as an example of outstanding student scholarship and writing. Please arrange for the letter to reach the library in time to meet the deadline. 

  • An essay of 250-300 words describing the research strategy, how library resources helped focus and direct the research, and what you learned about the research process. 

  • A cover sheet with your name, the title of the paper, and the name of the nominating professor. Your name and the professor’s should not appear anywhere in the main body of the submission.


Online Entry Form


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