March 27, 2008

Julia Rogers Research Prize Winners Announced!

The Julia Rogers Library and the Friends of the Goucher College Library are pleased to announce the winners of the Fourth Annual Julia Rogers Research Prizes:

First/Second Year Winner: 

Lisa Jones  Necessity of Violence: A Comparison of the Independence Struggles of Algeria and India   
Written for: ISP 110Y.  Professor: Flo Martin

Honorable Mention:

Anndal Narayanan The Stillborn Revolution: A Comparison of the Campus Takeovers of Columbia and the Sorbonne in 1968
Written for: ISP 110Y Post-Colonial Globalism: Integration and Fragmentation, Assimilation and Resistance. Professor: Flo Martin & John Boughton


Junior/Senior Winner: 

Anna Tonelli   Senegal: A Case Study for Migration
Written for: JHU338 Contemporary African Political Economics. Professor: Sara Berry

Honorable Mention:

Emily Blatter   Chant Down Babylon: The Rastafarian Movement and Its Theodicy for the Suffering
Written for: PCE 299- Independent Study. Professor: Jennifer Bess


Graduate Winner:

Michael Crowley Somewhere That's Green: Environmental Stewardship in Performing Arts Organizations
Written for: AAD651 Major paper. Professor: Ramona Baker

Honorable Mention

David Christian Bielenberg   Changing Hearts: How Gay and Lesbian Choruses Transform Lives and Communities
Written for: AAD651- Major paper. Professor: Jean Brody