April 19, 2013

Winners of the Julia Rogers Research Prize

Congratulations to the 2013 Julia Rogers Research Prize Winners.  The winners were selected as examples of outstanding student scholarship and writing.  Prizes for the winners will be handed out at the Student Symposium on Friday, April 26 at 4 pm in the Batza Room of the Athenaeum.

The categories and winners are as follows:

First-Year/Sophomore - Angela Gasca for "'Open to All:' Andrew Carnegie's Library Building Program and the Development of the Modern Library Building Type"

Junior/Senior - Emily Huebner for "Loyalty and Memory: A Civil War Scrapbook in Baltimore"

Graduate (MACS) - Anna Ralph for "Four Mennonite Pioneers:  Case Studies of the Ordination of Mennonite Women"

Margaret Guccione Prize- Andrew Huff for "Disciplinary Power and Contemporary Photography: 'Panoptic' art"

For information about submitting a paper for next year's competition visit the Julia Rogers Research Prize webpage.