February 12, 2013

Edible Book Fest 2013

Date: April 1, 2013

Time: 3 - 4:30 pm (bring entries from 2:45 - 3 pm)
Place: Batza Room in the Athenaeum

What is an Edible Book Fest?

The Edible Book Fest celebrates two of the best things in the world: food and books!

Each entry must follow two rules: it has to be made out of something edible and should reference books in some way either through a title, character, book cover, author, etc.

For inspiration please check out Goucher's First Annual Edible Book Fest from 2010 at https://www.goucher.edu/x43426.xml or Google "Edible Book Fest" for a multitude of ideas. Here are two examples, "All Quiet on the Western Bundt" and "Mansfield Pork," taken from the pool of entries from a previous year:

Western Bundt

Mansfield Pork

Anyone can enter and you can bring as many entries as your imagination can create! Even if you don't create anything yourself, you are welcome to come and nominate your favorite entries to win.

Visitors to the Edible Book Fest decide by popular vote (voting is from 3 - 4 pm and the results are announced at 4:15 pm) the winners of the contest in the following categories:

Most Literary, Funniest, Least Edible and Best in Show

Winners get a magnificent certificate and bragging rights for a year!  After the entries are announced we will eat the entries, if edible.  Additional snacks and drinks will be provided! 

To enter, please bring your edible creation to the Batza Room between 2:45 and 3 pm on April 1st.

Any questions? Email melissa.straw@goucher.edu for more information.