December 7, 2007

Cyborgs at Goucher

Neal Koger Cyborg

"I love nature and am concerned about the environment. I retrieve broken and damaged items and recycle them. It's my small way of preserving the planet."

"When I was about eight years old I realized how much I enjoyed holding in my hands the creations that took form in my hands."

--Neal Koger


Neal Koger, staff member in FMS, is an artist who creates sci-fi figures from found objects, such as can openers, discarded tools, and scraps of fabric. He hand stitches, cuts and bends parts to form wonderfully imaginative characters. Neal's experiences and concern for the environment inspire his art. Some of his many creations represent futuristic earth dwellers, alien invaders, and space pioneers. Koger's work has been on display and sold in the gift shop at the American Visionary Art Museum, testimony to the artist's talent and vision.

left: Witch Doctor, 2006, cloth, metal, found objects. On loan from the artist.

below: Craftsman, 2007, cloth, metal, found objects. Gift of the artist.