May 12, 2008

A Job Well Done

Asya Zlatina

Here are pictures of some of our Senior Stars--library student workers who have provided hours of wonderful service in many library departments throughout their Goucher careers. (Asya Zlatina and friend at left.)

See below for our other graduating senior workers for whom pictures were not available. A huge THANK YOU and best wishes to you all!


Kellie Mecleary; Ethan Hunt
Aviva Bergman; Lori Johansson
Tim Schaumberg; Anna Tonelli

Jaime Bogardy; Geraldine Echebiri

Allison Aguilar

Not pictured:

Courtney Conklin
Zachary Fey
Vaughn Frisby
HyungSeok Kang
Anna Lapera
Cassandra Mack
Allison McCarthy
Rachel Mirsky
Yvonne Rogers
Zachary Shapiro