March 31, 2011

Winners of the 2011 Julia Rogers Research Prizes

Catherine Hawley. Identification in the twenty-first century: The role of smart cards in the surveillance of society and the digitization of identity management (for Communications 262, prof. John Turner)
Junior/Senior co-winners

Julianna Hansen. The Chernobyl disaster: Implications for the Soviet Union and glasnost (for History 333 prof. Erica Fraser)

Jonathan Susser. From the Lab to the Dorm Room: Metacognitive Awareness and Use of Spaced Study (for Goucher Summer Science Program, prof. Jennifer McCabe)

Graduate co-winners

Lynette Felber. Found Architecture, the Vernacular, and the Bungalow for Washington's Teachers' Homes (for Historic Preservation 628, prof. Dale Gyure)

Leslie Gottert. National Register of Historic Places Registration Form for the Nomination of the Taytu Hotel, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (Historic Preservation 611, prof. Betsy Bradley)

The Margaret Guccione Prize

Katherine Sedovic. The Rose: or Affection's Gift for 1847: History, Culture and Society as Relating to the American Gift Book (for Art 328, prof. April Oettinger)