July 19, 2016

A Snapshot of Applied Experiences in Psychology for 2015-2016

Department Chair Jennifer McCabe recently compiled the yearly Psychology Department assessment report.

Here is a snapshot of some of the interesting results:

  • One goal for our program is for students to have upper-level experience in conducting psychological research. We are delighted to report that there were 65 research team experiences, which represents 41 individual students who participated on a faculty-mentored team for at least one semester!
  • We value the development of oral and written communication skills, particularly in the context of scientific presentations and reports. Last year, Goucher students were involved in 6 on-campus presentations (representing 15 students), 5 regional conference presentations (representing 14 students), 1 national/international conference presentation (representing 3 students), and 2 peer- reviewed publication (representing 2 students). These are outstanding accomplishments that reflect how much we emphasize the collaborative nature of faculty and student research here in the Psychology Department!
  • Another important goal of our program is to engage the world outside the classroom to inform and apply one’s knowledge of psychology, and specifically to participate in experiences outside the classroom that enhance one’s understanding of psychology. To this end, we are happy to report that 11 students pursued for-credit off-campus internships (at places such as Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Art with a Heart, City Neighbors Hamilton, and Sheppard Pratt). Also, through courses that involved a Community-Based Learning component (such as Health Psychology, Relational Psychology, Counseling Psychology, and Psychology of Environmental Problems), 76 students engaged in community partnerships to inform and apply their classroom learning.