May 1, 2018

Psychology Faculty and Students Launch Campus Climate Survey

This year, Goucher students, faculty and staff released a revised version of the Campus Climate Survey. Dr. Rick Pringle, Dr. Janet Shope, Dr. Julie Chernov Hwang, and Lucia Perfetti-Clark were the central faculty and staff members who worked to revise and expand on the previous survey from 2016. Goucher students Margaret Ratrie, Sarojini Schutt, Joe Alston, Ivelisse Rivera, Anna Bloomfield, and Nia McQueenie served as research assistants on this project. These students offered input on potential effects of the survey on students and to ensure that the survey would be useful to Goucher students.

After the survey closes on April 13th, it will be available only to the aforementioned faculty/staff and compiled into an in-depth qualitative and quantitative data set. Starting this year, the state of Maryland is requiring all colleges and universities to collect data on and report the number of people who filed a report or complaint with the Title IX Coordinator, whether disciplinary action was enacted, and the type of action taken. Most of the data Goucher is collecting go beyond what the state of Maryland requires. Our data will seek to better understand: the education Goucher students receive on sex education, consent education, and bystander training; students’ knowledge on resources on campus and off campus; and students’ experiences with sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and of having others’ experiences of sexual assault and IPV disclosed to them.