March 21, 2024

Goucher Students & Faculty Present Psychology Research at the EPA Conference in Philadelphia

  • Dr. Tom Ghirardelli and students Sam Byrne (’24), Laura Juda (’24), Matthew Scott (’24), Marissa Spacht (’23), Amelia Lazzini (’25), and Maia Strelow (’25) co-authored the Cognitive session poster entitled, “Do Irrelevant Size Singletons Capture Attention in a Grasping Task?”

  • Dr. Brian Patrick and students Nicole Mead (’23), Leah Barondes (’24), Avery McEachern (’24), Marysia McPherson (’24), Cal Steel (’25), and Carly Stevens (’24) co-authored a Social Psychology poster entitled, “If You Believe, You Achieve: Autonomy-Relatedness Compatibility Beliefs Predict Healthy Conflict Resolution.”

  • Dr. Jennifer McCabe and students Vanessa Cisse (’24), Hannah Erlbaum (’23), Belle St Jean (’23), Jessica DeKoven (’23), Mariah Lees (’23), Erica Adamson (’25), Tsivi Laurence (’24), and Samantha Widenhouse (’24) co-authored the Teaching of Psychology poster, “Whose Class Is It Anyway? Effects of Narrative Voice in College Syllabi.”

  • Dr. Katherine Choe and students Cleo Kaprielian (’25), Lily Zhu, Alyssa Taylor-Axtell (’26), Melle Skolnick (’26), Summer James, Tyavia Townsend (’25), and Katelyn Conrad (’26) co-authored the Developmental Psychology poster, “Children’s Representation of Conflicting Judgments in Ambiguous Moral Situations.”

  • Dr. Laura DeWyngaert and student Laura Juda (’24) co-authored a poster in the Psi Chi session entitled, “English Speakers’ Perceptions of International Accents in the USA.”

A contingent of Psychology Department students and faculty attended the Eastern Psychological Association (EPA) conference in Philadelphia from February 29th to March 2nd, 2024.

There were five Goucher-affiliated research posters presented at the conference, and one faculty presentation.

Dr. Ghirardelli gave a presentation in the Teaching of Psychology papers session, “Evidence of the Testing Effect from Frequent Low-Stakes Testing.” This was co-authored by students Amelia Lazzini (’25) and Maia Strelow (’25).

Congratulations to all our faculty and student research presenters!