May 1, 2018

Goucher Psychology Professor Dr. Jennifer McCabe Publishes Two Articles

Goucher Associate Professor and Director of the Center for Psychology Dr. Jennifer McCabe recently published two articles. Both center around the study of undergraduate education and student learning.

The first is titled, “What Learning Strategies do Academic Support Centers Recommend to Undergraduates?”, published in the Journal of Applied Research in Memory and Cognition. Assisted by Goucher students Sarah Lummis (‘17), Samuel Kane-Gerard (‘18), and Scotty Lind (‘18), this article describes the results of a survey of 77 academic support centers from across the United States, showing mixed evidence for the endorsement of strategies most likely to support student success. This research highlights an opportunity to improve the communication between researchers and those on the front lines of student academic support. Portions of this work were also presented at the recent 2018 Eastern Psychological Association (EPA) conference, as co-authored by Sarah Lummis (‘17), Samuel Kane-Gerard (‘18), Scotty Lind (‘18), Jamie Spell (‘18), Megan Hopkins (‘18), and Adrianne Turner (‘18). The full text of the article is temporarily available online.

The second article is entitled, “Why and How do Undergraduates Study in Groups?”, published in Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Psychology. Co-authored with Goucher alum Sarah Lummis (‘17), this survey study profiled the typical ways in which undergraduates study in groups, including frequency, group size, reasons for choosing group study, and learning strategies employed. A portion of this work was presented at the 2017 EPA conference, as co-authored by Sarah Lummis (‘17), Ashley Pearman (‘17), Jamie Spell (‘18), Sarah Hochberg (‘17), Adrianne Turner (‘18), and Megan Hopkins (‘18). Dr. McCabe can provide full text copies of either of these articles by request to

Congratulations to both Dr. McCabe and Sarah Lummis on these publications!