July 19, 2016

Dr. Jennifer McCabe receives Excellence in Teaching Award

During the spring Convocation event on Thursday, May 5, 2016, Dr. Jennifer McCabe, Associate Professor and Chair of the Psychology Department, received the Goucher College award for Excellence in Teaching for a tenured faculty member.

Provost Leslie Lewis made the following remarks:

The recipient of the Excellence in Teaching Award for a tenured faculty member has been a member of the Goucher Faculty since 2008. She has been involved in on-going efforts to adjust, refine, and enhance the curriculum and the classroom experience for students. As part of her 2013 instructional award, she developed learning and memory demonstrations for her classroom.

Students comment on the level of engagement present in her classroom. One student writes that “she keeps me continually engaged with her questions regarding the material that probes how well students are understanding the material.” Echoing this sentiment, another student states that “most of class is hands-on discussions in small groups,” and that “assignments are fun and make learning new material interesting and relatable.”

Described by students as patient, enthusiastic, and “good at explain complex topics in ways that are applicable, relevant, and interesting,” this faculty member’s courses are well designed with clear learning outcomes and varied assignments, and her high quality teaching practices are noted, with high praise, by her students.