August 2, 2023

Congrats to Goucher Psychology Class of 2023

We are proud to share some of our recent psychology major graduates’ experiences and future directions!

  • Psychology faculty members gather for a photo during Commencement 2023.

Our graduates gained hands-on experience in internships, including at the following sites: One Shared World, Autism Speaks, Horse Barn at Green Chimneys School, Chase Brexton Center for LGBTQ Health Equity, Humanz Mediate, Trevor Project, Smith College Athletics, Calvert School, International Rescue Committee, and Crisis Text Line.

Twenty-two (22) of our graduates co-authored at least one research poster/presentations at local, regional, or national/international conferences!

Our graduates studied abroad in France, Denmark, Italy, South Korea, Scotland, England, Ireland, Cuba, Czech Republic, Spain, and Israel. While abroad, they took classes in Psychology of Learning a Second Language, Social Psychology, Attention & Perception, Psychology of Murder, Understanding Psychology, and Psychology of Sexuality.

Several psychology grads will continue their education in graduate school next year, including the following programs:

  • Clinical Psychology Psy.D., Stevenson University
  • Clinical Professional Counseling M.S., Loyola University Maryland
  • Psychology (Developmental) M.A., George Mason University
  • General Psychology M.A., Villanova University
  • School Psychology M.A./Ed.S., University of Delaware
  • Counseling Psychology M.A., Towson University
  • Community and Trauma Counseling M.S., Thomas Jefferson University
  • Clinical Mental Health Counseling M.S., Trinity University
  • Masters in Business Administration (MBA), University of Maine

While we’re at it, also sharing great news about graduate school acceptances from some recent alums!

  • Clinical Psychology Ph.D., St. Louis University
  • Social Psychology Ph.D., Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Clinical Psychology Psy.D., Indiana University Pennsylvania
  • Counseling and Human Services M.Ed., Lehigh University
  • Kinesiology (concentration in Sports Psychology) M.S., UNC-Greensboro
  • Psychology (Forensic concentration) M.S., New York University

Some of our grads will enter the workforce upon graduation, including the following positions and employers:

  • Assistant Teacher, Montessori Manor
  • Skills and Performance Trainer, Evolution Basketball
  • Outdoor Environmental Guide, Greenspring Montessori
  • Patient Coordinator, Virginia Women’s Center
  • Medical Assistant, Bryn Mawr Specialties Office
  • Fifth Age Teaching Assistant, Calvert School
  • Ezra Jewish Education Specialist, Hillel
  • Nursing Assistant, Christ Hospital
  • Instructor, Latin American Youth Center Summer Youth Enrichment Program 

And finally, we want to share some of the quotes/testimonials our grads offered at the conclusion of our graduation survey (shared with permission):

“As a psychology student at Goucher College, I have had the opportunity to explore so many different avenues within the field. The psychology department truly feels like a community, and it is evident that the faculty are exceptionally committed to student learning and success.” –Molly Stuart, Class of ‘22

“Goucher psychology faculty care about the success of each student, take the time to connect with your professors!” –Senior, Class of ‘22

“Goucher's Psychology program taught me about how people think, but most importantly, taught me that how they think differs, and that not everyone shares their defining experiences.” –Ian Elkind, Class of ‘22

“This psychology program really pushed me to realize what I want to do in life. I never had an idea what I wanted to do after college but now I know I want to help people and provide them the care they need.” –Senior, Class of ‘23

“The Goucher psych program has allowed me to not only do exponential self growth, but understand the world I walk around in so much better by allowing me to see see things from cross cultural but also cultural standpoints.”
–Marta Ryan, Class of ‘23

“Goucher's Psychology program is well-rounded, well-staffed, and very cohesive.” –Senior, Class of ‘23

“Goucher's psychology program prepared me for my future while providing the support I needed to succeed. I will never forget the incredible professors and the knowledge they shared with me over my time at Goucher.”
–Senior, Class of ‘23

“The Goucher psychology program opens doors. The extraordinary faculty are genuine collaborators that help students navigate the diverse field and select their most meaningful path forward. I am grateful, humbled, and honored to have been a part of such a diverse and engaging group of educators and students.” –Senior, Class of ‘23

“The psychology program at Goucher College is excellent and a great way to learn psychology even if you have no prior experience with the subject.” –Senior, Class of ‘23

“This may sound cliche but Goucher's Psychology program will change your life. You will learn more about the field of Psychology, the world we live in, the relationships you’re surrounded by, and yourself throughout the duration of the program. The professors have assisted me on the path to become a great therapist and a better person. I am thankful for all of the Psychology professors for providing me with opportunities to learn about a field I love dearly, connect with my peers, discover who I am, explore my interests through research, and travel to share one of the research projects I've worked on during my time as a Psych student. I am going to miss being in this program, surrounded by the professors and the other Psych students, because we are truly a community."
–Ty Johnson, Class of ‘23

“I valued my experience as a Psychology major so highly. I learned all different walks of life, and things that I will carry with my for my lifetime.” –Eden Adcock, Class of ‘23

“My experience in Goucher's Psychology program helped me build the skills and knowledge needed to be successful not only in my studies and career path, but also in my personal life and my transition into full-time adulthood.” –Senior, Class of ‘23

“Goucher college has really prepared me to handle situations that life will put me in. Goucher has taught me to acknowledge these situations form a holistic and mindful perspective, which has allowed me to be more grounded and less stressed. I am grateful for this because it is essential to know this once I am finally in the real world, outside of Goucher College.” –Janine Sande, Class of ‘23

“Being on a mentored research team has taught me how to conduct research and analyze my findings in ways that are not taught in classes. I got to work closely with a professor on their research and was able to design posters on our research to be submitted to EPA. Mentored research team was one of the best experiences I’ve had at Goucher and Dr. G was an amazing mentor.” –Claudine Schwartz, Class of ‘23

“The psychology department is truly like no other. It has been a very impact time from learning about things that interest me and others and in a holistic way. Thank you Goucher for the opportunity to meet such great individuals. I will be carrying what I’ve learnt in and outside the classroom with me throughout my life journey.”
–Jackie Spencer, Class of ‘23

“The Psychology program at Goucher College is one of the best programs on campus.” –Esperanza Tyler, Class of ‘23

“Psychology teaches you how your brain works and its quirks. Let’s use that knowledge to make life more enjoyable and fun.” –Gwyn Philbin, Class of ‘23

“Psychology helped me to learn about the world and myself.” –Suzannah Block, Class of ‘23