Concentration in Arts Management

For students who wish to develop a career that includes both the business management area of music and the art of music. Arts management is a rapidly expanding field, and Goucher is in the forefront in developing an undergraduate concentration in this area. Students wishing to pursue the Arts Management concentration should refer to the Business Management Program for more details.

Music Program Requirements include:

Six credits (four semesters) of private instrumental or vocal lessons
Four semesters of ensemble participation, which include one semester of chorus and three semesters chosen from the following ensembles: chorus, chamber singers, chamber music, African drum and dance ensemble, opera and musical theatre workshop, jazz ensemble, or orchestra. With the permission of the instructor, students may choose either to enroll for credit or audit.

MUS 105 - Music Theory I: Introduction to Tonal Practice (3 Cr.)
MUS 106 - Music Theory II: Homophonic Practice of the 18th and 19th Centuries (3 Cr.)
MUS 115 - Music in Western Civilization, 1000-1750 (3 Cr.)
MUS 117 - Music in Western Civilization, 1750-1900 (3 Cr.)
MUS 121 - Musicianship I (3 Cr.)
MUS 205 - Music Theory III: Counterpoint (3 Cr.)
MUS 223 - Improvisation (1.5 Cr.)
MUS 226 - Musicianship II (3 Cr.)
MUS 228 - Keyboard Harmony (1.5 Cr.)
MUS 241 - Conducting (1.5 Cr.)
MUS 249 - Music of the 20th and 21st Centuries (3 Cr.)
MUS 306 - Music Theory IV: 20th- and 21st-Century Practice and Advanced Analysis (3 Cr.)
MUS 360 - Classical Style and Beethoven (3 Cr.)

Note: * MUS 290 is a three-four credit internship in music as an integrative exercise in arts management. With the approval of the department and the advisor in arts management, the required college wide off-campus experience may be used to satisfy this requirement.

Business Requirements include:

BUS 110 - Principles of Accounting I (3 Cr.)
BUS 120 - Principles of Accounting II (3 Cr.)
BUS 170 - Introduction to Arts Management (3 Cr.)
BUS 229 - Marketing Management (3 Cr.)
BUS 270 - Case Studies in Arts Management (3 Cr.)
BUS 375 - Strategic Leadership for the Arts Administrator (3 Cr.)
EC 100 - Introduction to Economics (3 Cr.)
EC 101 - Principles of Economics: Micro (3 Cr.)

Other recommended courses are:

BUS 105 - Quantitative Reasoning for Business (3 Cr.)
BUS 245 - Organizational Behavior (3 Cr.)
BUS 247 - Introduction to Human Resource Management (3 Cr.)
CBL 115 - Gateway to Service (2 Cr.)
THE 105 - Effective Public Speaking (3 Cr.)

Additional Information:

Students who complete the Arts Management Concentration, with a double major in Business Management and in the arts, may count BUS 270 and 375 towards their elective credits in the Business Management major. Also, the frequent guest lecturers from the field can also be of assistance in arranging internships.

It is recognized that the best preparation for a career in arts management is an academic background enhanced by practical, professional experience. Students have extensive opportunities for rewarding internships. Goucher is strategically located, with access to numerous arts organizations in the Baltimore-Washington area, as well as in New York and other cities.

For more information see:

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