ChooseWhy Choose This Program?

Why Choose a 4+1 Progarm at Goucher?

The Johns Hopkins Carey Business School specialized master's are built to compete in the global marketplace. This partnership between Goucher and the Carey Business School offers a combined bachelor’s and master’s degree program. Goucher students can apply for this program during their junior year, and as part of this partnership, students can apply without having to take the GRE or GMAT tests (minimum cumulative GPA: 3.25). Specialized master’s are ideal for students who are looking to gain a competitive advantage before pursuing their career.

LearnWhat Will You Learn?

What Will You Learn?

Goucher students can major in any Goucher program for their B.A. degree and then choose from the following five Johns Hopkins Carey Business School specialized master's degrees:

FinanceMarketingInformation SystemsHealth Care ManagementBusiness Analytics and Risk Management.

DoWhat Will You Do?

What Will You Do?

The job market is more competitive than ever. Secure your future with a bachelor’s from Goucher College and a specialized master’s from Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. Carey specialized master’s graduates work for top-tier companies, such as Ernst & Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Deloitte, Bloomberg, Capital One, United Nations, Google, TD Bank, Nestle, Procter & Gamble (P&G), and many more! 

Course Curriculum

Goucher students will take two eight-week courses during the spring of their senior year either online or at their Baltimore Harbor East location. Following graduation from Goucher, students will continue their M.S. degree online, at the Baltimore Harbor East location, or at the Washington, DC, campus, depending on the chosen program. Depending on the course, it may be in-person at the D.C. campus. The students will need to decide if that commute will work for them.

Carey Business School Specialized Master’s Curriculum and Locations

M.S. in Business Analytics & Risk Management, STEM-designated program—Washington, DC, Campus 
Uses risk management as an underlying framework to guide the use of business analytics to quantify multiple dimensions of business problems, uncover potential approaches, and create and implement business solutions. 

  • BU.210.620 Accounting and Financial Reporting 
  • BU.520.601 Business Analytics 
  • BU.120.601 Business Communication 
  • BU.131.601 Business Leadership and Human Values 
  • BU.231.620 Corporate Finance 
  • BU.350.620 Information Systems 
  • BU.410.620 Marketing Management 
  • BU.680.620 Operations Management 
  • BU.510.601 Statistical Analysis 
  • BU.520.620 Advanced Business Analytics 
  • BU.510.650 Data Analytics 
  • BU.610.625 Simulation and Strategic Options 
  • 2 Quantitative Elective Courses 
  • 4 General Elective Courses 

M.S. in Information Systems, STEM-designated program—Washington, DC, Campus 
Bridges technology and business with a curriculum covering big data, predictive analytics, AI, machine learning, cybersecurity, IT, and more. 

  • BU.520.601 Business Analytics 
  • BU.120.601 Business Communication 
  • BU.131.601 Business Leadership and Human Values 
  • BU.350.620 Information Systems 
  • BU.510.601 Statistical Analysis 
  • BU.330.750 AI: Principles and Business Applications 
  • BU.330.790 Applied IS Architecture 
  • BU.330.705 Data Networks: Infrastructures & Emerging Technologies 
  • BU.330.780 Data Science and Business Intelligence 
  • BU.350.710 IT and Global Sourcing Strategy 
  • BU.330.740 Large Scale Computing with Hadoop 
  • BU.300.620 Managing Complex Projects 
  • 6 Elective Courses 

M.S. in Health Care Management—Baltimore Harbor East Campus 
Provides students with the most relevant business skills to be effective and efficient leaders who will improve the quality and access to health care. 

  • BU.120.601 Business Communication 
  • BU.131.601 Business Leadership and Human Values 
  • BU.881.707 Accounting for Decision Making in Health Care 
  • BU.881.702 Frameworks for Analyzing Health Care Markets 
  • BU.883.701 Fundamentals of Health Care Operations 
  • BU.881.703 Health Care Law and Regulation 
  • BU.883.706 Health Care Organization and Management 
  • BU.881.706 Health Innovation and Evaluation 
  • BU.881.705 Health Marketing and Access 
  • BU.881.704 Providers and Payers 
  • BU.550.620 The U.S. Health Care System: Past, Present, and Future 
  • 2 Project-based Learning Courses 
  • 5 Elective Courses 

M.S. in Finance With STEM-designated Area of Concentration in Financial Econometrics—Washington, DC, Campus or Baltimore Harbor East Campus 
Provides strong theoretical and practical foundations in the analysis of complex financial instruments, portfolio allocation, risk management, corporate finance, company valuation, and corporate governance. 

  • BU.210.620 Accounting and Financial Reporting 
  • BU.120.601 Business Communication 
  • BU.131.601 Business Leadership and Human Values 
  • BU.231.620 Corporate Finance 
  • BU.220.620 Economics for Decision Making 
  • BU.232.701 Investments 
  • BU.510.601 Statistical Analysis 
  • BU.232.610 Computational Finance 
  • BU.232.650 Continuous Time Finance 
  • BU.232.710 Derivatives 
  • BU.232.640 Empirical Finance 
  • BU.232.720 Fixed Income 
  • BU.232.620 Linear Econometrics for Finance 
  • BU.232.630 Non-linear Econometrics for Finance 
  • 4 Elective Courses 

M.S. in Marketing With STEM-designated Area of Concentration in Marketing Analytics—Baltimore Harbor East Campus 
Develops skills and data use for a deeper understanding of the market, the profile of the market on a granular level, and targeted customer experience strategies based on real-time customer feedback. 

  • BU.520.601 Business Analytics 
  • BU.131.601 Business Leadership and Human Values 
  • BU.410.620 Marketing Management 
  • BU.510.601 Statistical Analysis 
  • BU.420.710 Consumer Behavior 
  • BU.450.760 Customer Analytics 
  • BU.510.650 Data Analytics 
  • BU.410.601 Marketing Research 
  • BU.450.710 Marketing Strategy 
  • BU.430.720 Pricing Analysis 
  • BU.450.765 Social Media Analytics 
  • BU.450.750 Strategic Market Intelligence
  • 5 Elective Courses


Johns Hopkins Carey Business School faculty are thought leaders, trailblazing what’s next in the business world and in the classroom.

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