The Exploration Hub

The Exploration Hub

The Exploration Hub provides students with immersive experiences, on- and off-campus, that engage their academic and personal interests.  These experiences have the power to shift and inform academic pathways, future career choices, as well as transform perspectives and personal identity. While embarking on a study abroad experience, a community-based learning program or course, and/or testing the waters in an internship or job shadow, students will gain knowledge about who they are and where they want to go beyond Goucher. 

The Hub is a place where students will:

  • Explore existing and new interests, values, and skills
  • Connect academics and/or personal interests with hands-on, real-world experience
  • Immerse themselves in experiential learning opportunities, on- and off-campus
  • Learn reflection techniques to expand learning and make connections
  • Develop critical skills necessary to advance personally and professionally
  • Develop broader framework of inquiry as a result of engaging or connecting to new communities and cultures

The Hub will offer students:

  • Special programming and advising.
  • A space to unwind and connect with others.