Actionable Intelligence through Analytics

One of the essential skill sets for decision-makers is a good working knowledge of how analytics and intuition should play a complementary role in strategic decision-making.  Today’s senior managers and executives must develop a strategy to take advantage of this “actionable intelligence,” yet often lack the knowledge and skills to do so.


Through its approach to data and information, students will gain a deeper mastery of critical inquiry, dialogical research principles and deep analysis. Instruction and curriculum will promote strategic thinking, ethical practice, and application of both to decision making. The target audience for this professional certificate is senior managers and executives who require this skills set to improve their ability to make data driven and informed strategic decisions. Content will cover both theory and practice of actionable analytics, and will provide students with the skills and knowledge to apply data and analytics to process and practice.

Program Details

A Blended Learning Co-Hort Certificate

  • Offered online asynchronously (each course is 8 weeks), with 3 Saturday visits at Goucher (one visit at the beginning of the program, one in the middle, and one at the end).
  • First Saturday Visit (September 7, 2019): Refresher on Statistics and Quantitative Methods for Decision Makers
  • Second Saturday Visit (February 1, 2019): Major Analytics Project Applying Techniques in Your Organization
  • Third Saturday Visit (May 9, 2020): Major Project on an Analytics Strategy and Implementation Plan for Your Organization
Program Details
Timeline 12 months
Cohort Start Date March 23, 2020
Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Cost $6,000

*fees included each semester

Meet The Needs of Today’s Environment

Although the need is clear and well-documented, senior leaders are not always trained in managing and using data strategically, and therefore may struggle to maximize the efficiency of an increasingly information-savvy workforce. A 2017 Gartner report highlighted this problem, finding through research that 60% of data analytics projects fail because the projects are not aligned with the business strategy, or lack the right personnel skilled in using data strategically for effective decision-making. In fact, a 2018 Forbes article stresses the critical need for leaders to be able to use data and analytics to understand where the business is headed – and should be headed—and to align that direction with the company strategy. Senior leaders must rely on business analytics professionals to provide the actionable intelligence and analysis they need to make informed decisions, but these individuals are in high demand, with advertising almost 2200 openings for business analytics professionals in the Baltimore area alone. Training senior leaders and executives on the techniques of actionable intelligence through analytics will not only fill this gap at the highest levels, but allow for more informed hiring decisions on the ground.

Course of Study - 12 credit

The Post-Baccalaureate (12-credits) certificate combines new 3 credit courses to engage the senior leaders and executives enrolled in the program in a data informed discourse covering some of the biggest information management challenges today, which in turn will contribute to the success of their own organizations, businesses, firms, and institutions. As Delen and Ram wrote in 2018, “for organizations to succeed in analytics, they need to have a well-thought-out strategy for handling ‘Big Data’ so that it can be converted to actionable insight.”

Curriculum allows students to

  • Develop analytics strategies to apply to their work
  • Enhance professional communication skills through the use of data visualization
  • Learn to ethically apply information to the practice of collecting, analyzing and sharing information to make decisions at the senior leadership level.