DACC Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Digital Arts Checkout Center?

The Checkout Center is an equipment cage where Goucher students can borrow equipment such as digital cameras, audio recorders, microphones, lighting equipment and more.

Who can check out equipment?

The Checkout Center is available to all students. However, some equipment is reserved for specific classes such as Communications and Digital Imaging. Login to Cheqroom or contact us directly to discuss what is available to you.

How do I make a reservation?

To make an equipment reservation, go to Cheqroom and use your Goucher email address and password to log in. Every student should have a Cheqroom account but if your email address is not found, please contact checkout.info@goucher.edu to be invited.

How do I check equipment out?

When you arrive to pick up your reserved equipment, you will need to have your OneCard. One of our Equipment Wranglers will retrieve the equipment and inspect the condition and contents with you. It’s important that the equipment comes back in the same condition and with all the accessories that were included. You’ll confirm the checkout length and agree on the return date. Then you’ll sign an electronic copy of the agreement.

How do I return the equipment?

You should bring the equipment back to the Checkout Center on or before the due date. The Equipment Wrangler will inspect the equipment with you, noting any damages or missing items and recording it in Cheqroom with photos of the damage.

Who is responsible for the equipment?

The student who checks out the equipment is the responsible party.

For how long can I check equipment out?

The standard length of a checkout is 7 days. It is possible to extend the length of a checkout, but prior approval is necessary.

What happens if the equipment is lost or damaged?

Students are responsible for the replacement of equipment damaged beyond normal wear and tear.

What happens if I return equipment late?

Students have until the end of the “Checkout” to return equipment. After that time, a late fee of $10.00 per item per day will be issued. Your account will be blocked from reserving equipment until you pay all fees.