Goucher Choirs

Audition Information

Auditions take place during the first week of every semester. Those who are interested in joining the choir should attend rehearsals during the first week. You can sign up for an audition at www.calendly.com/goucherchoirs. The audition will be brief (about 10 minutes). Dr. McDavitt will chat with you for a few minutes to get to know you, then he will ask you to sing a verse of "My Country, 'Tis of Thee," or some other sing you might now. Then he will take you through some scales to figure out your range and your ideal voice part, and finish with some reading exercises to determine your current music skills.

The choral program features two ensembles:

The Goucher Chorus is a larger choir, Goucher's flagship choral ensemble. They perform music from all periods, ranging from the Renaissance to today's top composers, with a particular emphasis on music from around the world. It's common for the choir to perform in more than a half dozen languages or more in one performance. 

The Chamber Singers are a smaller, more select group, selected from members of the Goucher Chorus, that focuses on certain genres or periods of music each semester. For example, one semester might focus on early American music from Appalachia, British secular music from England from William Byrd to the Beatles, or music from France. Each semester provides a new opportunity for singers to deepen their exposure to specific genres of choral music. 

Note: Students may enroll for credit or audit either choir.