Rick Delaney

Assistant ProfessorArt

Rick Delaney has been a practicing visual artist for over 30 years.  His work includes installation, video, animation, sound & performance.

He has exhibited in solo and group shows throughout the United States, including Mixed Greens in New York, NY, Movements Gallery in Austin, TX, The Fine Arts Gallery in Washington DC and Victoria H Myhren Gallery in Denver, CO.  Delaney frequently  collaborates with other artists, choreographers, theater directors, and musicians.  One of his notable collaborations was with Zoë Charlton in a piece titled There Goes the Neighborhood.  The installation has been recreated in several galleries/museums, which was always installed inside the confines of a gallery consisting of over 100 garden gnomes painted in seven shades of brown, dozens of small pink suburban style houses which are placed on a large sodded (live grass) area surrounded by white picket fencing.  He was an early member of Circus of Fools, and co-founded Army of Clowns.

Delaney describes his own thought of artwork as follows:

We are bombarded with sound and images that touch in our daily lives; I replicate that in my work. I investigate communication and interpersonal relationships.  My investigations concern transferring nuances of social interactions and personal habits of my life.  My main interest is transcending the mundane – examining the power of something considered banal and transforming its properties to a more dramatic structure.  I translate the ordinary through repetition of concepts, by visual and aural means.  My artwork is an extension of a need to understand and express my relationships with people and my environment.  This investigation includes verbal communication, dreams, texts, audio works, body movement, and materials.

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Research, Scholarship, Creative Work in Progress

My current research is using animation, film & sound to investigate the ties between historic & contemporary artwork.  My most recent work is a mixed-media animation depicting an imaginary character who believes he is the reincarnated Georges Méliès.

Exhibits or Performances

WYNG Foundation, Hong Kong Central Library, Hong Kong, “Identity,” 2016

The Fine Arts Gallery at George Mason University, Washington DC, “Politics in Art: From Warhol and Rauschenberg to Present Day,” 2015

Victoria H Myhren Gallery, Denver, CO, “The Gleaners: Contemporary Art from the Sarah and Jim Taylor Collection”, 2010

Rice Gallery, Westminster, MD, "Stage", One Person Exhibition, 2009

Pulse NYC, New York, NY, "Annual Art Fair", 2009

Mixed Greens Gallery, New York, NY, "Tenth Anniversary Show", 2008

External Awards, Honors, Grants

NEA New Forms Grant, Miami, Florida, Awarded to collaborative group St. Moist, performance of "Viva Prokosh", 1991

SYNERGY, in conjunction with Evolving Perceptions, Reston, VA, 2005

University of Texas Art Department Award, 1997

Academic or Professional Associations

College Art Association

The International Digital Media and Arts Association

The Alliance of Artists Communities

Creative Alliance

Other Professional or Scholarly Activity

College Art Association, The International Digital Media and Arts Association, The Alliance of Artists Communities, Creative Alliance