David Grossman

Associate Professor of International Business and Marketing Business Management

David Grossman has been a member of Goucher’s faculty since January 2011.  He teaches international business environment, international case studies, international consulting, negotiations, marketing management, international marketing, and strategic management. In addition, he teaches a marketing course in the graduate program. Dr. Grossman offers an ICA to Cuba where he provides students with an opportunity to learn and interact with business leaders and entrepreneurs to see how cultural and business practices differ from what they experience at home.

Students in Dr. Grossman’s classes incorporate topics by applying them into practical situations on campus and in the community for various entities. Goucher alumni applaud Dr. Grossman’s teaching methods in helping them prepare for life after school. Dr. Grossman’s greatest pleasure in the classroom is watching students evolve into confident problem solvers in the strategic management course, the business capstone.

Dr. Grossman’s areas of interest focus on market entry strategies, aspirations of the middle class consumer, and entrepreneurial spirit in emerging markets. His scholarly work includes these topics that have been published in journals such as, The Journal of World Business, Thunderbird International Business Review, and International Business Review.

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Bradley, Thomas, Paul B Eberle, David A Grossman (2020). “Does the Chinese Economy Contain Entrepreneurs with Different Cultural Value from Non-Entrepreneurs in a Fashion Similar to Europe and the former Communist Nations?”, Journal of Asia Entrepreneurship and Sustainability. Volume 16, Issue 3. July. 

Morales, María De Los Angeles, David Grossman, Alex Rialp and Agarzelim Alvarez (2019). “Faculty International Human Capital as a Resource of Competitive Advantage in Business Schools: The Case of a Mexican Private School”. CLADEA: New Perspectives of Management and Teaching. Forthcoming.

Javalgi, Rajshekhar and David Grossman (2016). “Aspirations and Entrepreneurial Activities of Middle-Class Consumers In Emerging Markets: The Case of India”, International Business Review:Special Issue on The Middle Class in Emerging Markets, Interdisciplinary Perspectives. Volume 25, Issue 3. 657-667.

Javalgi, Rajshekhar & David Grossman (2015). “Understanding the Characteristics and Entrepreneurial Activities of Middle Class Consumers in Emerging Markets”. The Middle Class in Emerging Societies: Consumers, Lifestyles and Markets, 28.

Javalgi, Rajshekhar and David Grossman (2014). “Firm Resources and Host Country Factors Impacting Internationalization of Knowledge Intensive Service Firms”, Thunderbird International Business Review. Vol. 56, No. 3, May-June.

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Czinkota, Michael, David Grossman, Rajshekhar Javalgi, Nicholas Nugent, Sr. (2009). “Foreign Market Entry Mode of Service Firms: The Case U.S. MBA Programs”, Journal of World Business. Volume 44, # 3.

Conference Papers & Panel Participation

Grossman, David, Jeanie Murphy, Paul Eberle, (2017). “The Emergence of Entrepreneurship in Cuba: What Can We Learn”, The Transforming Power of the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Ecosystem: Lessons Learned. Kaslik, Lebanon. Holy Spirit University of Kaslik. November 3-8.

Morales Saiz, Maria de los Angeles, Alex Rialp, and David Grossman (2017). “Private Higher Education Institutions: Business Schools Internationalization Process and the Key Role of Faculty International Human Capital and Intercultural Sensitivity”. Academy of Management. Atlanta, Georgia. Awarded: Finalist. August 4-8.

Other Professional or Scholarly Activity

Frequent participant at Georgia State University Center for International Business Education & Research. Atlanta, Georgia.

Other Roles

Faculty Athletic Advisor: Men’s Basketball, Men’s Soccer, Men’s Lacrosse